Music Review: Frantik-On The Brink Of Insanity

I am going to review six tracks from Frantik’s album On The Brink Of Insanity. Which is coming out everywhere and on iTunes in Winter 2010. I was able to have a sneak peek of this album. Here is what I thought about these tracks:

Dead Grass In Graveyard: At the beginning and at the end of the track their are these samples from old movies. First sample is a male voice “What is death like? I don’t know I didn’t die yet!” I personally think that quote is hot! Fits perfectly into the track. Second sample of a woman’s voice reciting a poem of dark things, this sample is also at the end of the track, it’s more citing. Which gives this track a gloomy feel to it. The beat is slow and gives me chills. But I love it. Frantik expresses himself so clearly. He has a really nice flow. He explains how death occurs, how it happens, and what it leaves people’s emotions after losing someone. The chorus is great, very catchy I’m hooked.

Eye Of The Beholder: The track’s beat puts me in a really good mood, it’s a spanish guitar with a really good melody. I bumped my head to it, couldn’t help myself. Frantik speaks out! He is letting you know what he sees and believes in. “I know not what we are, but what we destined to be.” This song also has a sample at the beginning and the ending of the song. It’s great because the male’s voice is discussing the eye of the beholder. Sounds like it came from an old horror film, the sample.

L.I.F.E: (Love Infinitely Fall Endlessly) This is a great track. Wow! This track is living me speechless, it’s kinda fits perfectly in what I’m going through in my life right now. Preach it Frantik. Frantik discusses in the track how we are willing to do anything for anyone and no one appreciates anything. All the negatives we go through we got to see through to the positive to survive. The sample that’s used in the track explains this track perfectly. The woman’s voice is giving a speech of how important it is to be positive. I listened to this track at least five times. WOW! Awesome job Frantik. I think this is my favorite track from this album. It really won me over.

Peace Of Mind: WOW! I have to reference a lyric from this track. That shit is hot! & out of line but the truth! Mad props for these lines Frantik “I see the shock on your face when you finding out that your girl switch sides and find comfort when shes diking out. That’s what happens when you tell shes a hoe and rather just give her dick then a kiss or a rose. And I know and you know that’s not what nature intended but you should have treated her right the way she was meant to.” It left me like this :O impressed! This song has samples in it but I am so focused in Frantik’s lyrics, I didn’t pay much attention to the samples. This track is another winner in my review.

Rebel Sickness: The beat is awesome! Real hip-hop start. Head bumper. Frantik in this track is speaking in perspective of a rebel. Against everyone and anything. It’s serious!

Audible Reality: This track is slow but it’s perfect, you can really hear out Frantik’s lyrics. I just closed my eyes and I felt it all. I agree with this track 100%. Good work.

Personal Thoughts: Clearly this album is going to be hot! Frantik’s lyrics do not let you down. He speaks with truth and that’s the way to go. The beats, samples, lyrics, and sample choices are chosen very well. I give this review ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 4 out of 5 hearts. I personally really like L.I.F.E & Peace of Mind. You wanna hear more from Frantik check the links below to find out more about his album, his whereabouts, and anything you wanna know.


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