Album Review: Reza Salleh – Realize

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Reza Salleh released his debut album Realize. The full length album consists of 14 songs. Reza Salleh brings a unique sound with his guitar and providing a soul-food and being Alternative. Besides his skills at playing the guitar he is also a great singer.

I’m proud to present to you a review on Realize. I will cover 5 tracks off of this album.

Stracciatella Is the first single off of Realize. This song has great melodies from Reza Salleh’s singing and his guitar play. The concept of this song is that he will be a better man and that he will always be there even if his far away.

Sunsets With You The introduction of the song is Reza playing the guitar and it gives a sense of jazz/soulful twist to it. This song is a great listen and with this type of sound it provides you a feel that your watching Reza on a stage performing this.

The Dotted Line Country/Alternative. I find the music in this song to be well put together. I can jam to this one! Also, this song has some electric guitar on it.

“Don’t let me down, because I am on the dotted line
Don’t let me down, because your all mine”
Ocean Spanning Sorrow Slow melodies. Reza’s voice is very unique and gives off a real soulful sound. You can sense his passion through his words. Great listen!

Battery Is the last song on Realize. The song’s concept fits well with the title as well. The music is really well composed.

“Time won’t let you slip away”
This concludes my review on Realize by Reza Salleh. If you want to hear more and learn more about Reza, check out the links below.


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