Download: NikkiSiixx Presents NETWERK VOL ONE

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I am proud to present NETWERK VOL ONE. I’ve created a 8 track compilation album featuring local artist within the South Florida Region. Check out the tracklist below:

01. Art Morera – Dominate
02. Khalel ft Da Heist – The Answer
03. 8ch2owenz – O My God
04. The Benchwarmers Clique ft Llamabeats – SnapShot
05. J5 – Good VS Evil (Black Swan)
06. Jay Fresh – I Want It All
07. Shot 1ne – The Love Don’t Stop
08. The Geek Squad – The Other Guys

Please Enjoy the uniqueness this tape has acquired. The artist’s on NETWERK VOL ONE were challenged with a topic for their song submission. Thank you to all the artists who contributed!

This is VOL ONE of many others to come!! 🙂 I’ve networked my way into this project so I felt the title of the compilation series fits perfectly.

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