Musician Interview: Chorde

Chorde Ronald Meredith was born on December 19, 1989 from Jamaican parents – Faith Boothe and Ron Meredith in Ft Lauderdale, FL. He lived in Jamaica and Connecticut once upon a time but most of his life was spent in South Florida. Ron Meredith is a musician who plays the piano, drums, clarinet, harmonica, and sings. He could also be classified as the reason for Chorde’s musical talents.

Chorde has been singing since he could talk, and he taught himself how to play the piano when he was four. It was in the first grade where he made the decision that he wanted to be a basketball player, singer, and a fireman… but he stuck with singing ever since.

Chorde’s first vocal coach and chorus teacher was Julie Webb and she worked with him intensely before and after school and was a vital part of his musical growth and can also be seen as the one who played a large role in Chorde’s achievements of many musical awards and the lead roles for tons of musicals such as The Chorus Line, The Pajama Game, Guys and Dolls, Bugsy Malone, etc.

Here is how our interview went:

For being a young artist, do you feel that you have what it takes to be known? I feel like I have more than what it takes. I have the talent and I have the drive and I am definitely confident enough.

What type of artist you consider yourself? I don’t really think I fit as a specific type of artist. I feel that when you categorize yourself then you basically limit yourself. If I had to choose a category I’d say I am a Pop artist.

Have you performed at any venues? If you haven’t where would you like to perform? I’ve opened up for Currensy, Scotch Davis and Dom Kennedy in Miami at Ashley Outrageous’ “Cool Bowl” (I can’t remember the warehouse it was a hip hop event though) it was pretty dope chillin’ in the back with all of them. I have performed at club Revolution opening up for Serani which was cool. I’ve performed at a few clubs on South Beach such as Heathrow, Skyline, and also plenty of clubs/lounges in the Broward county area.

Why did you feel like you needed to drop out of College? I dropped out of college because I wasn’t able to work with the kind of music that I wanted to do. Plus doing all that homework wasn’t allowing me to do shows or record. Also, I didn’t want to pursue my music career after I was 22 or 23.

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Chorde dropped his first EP “Start to Finish | Phase One: The Attraction” on 10-25-10 which has thousands of listens and downloads and has been downloaded in several countries such as Japan, Spain, Brazil, Jamaica, France and the US to name a few. Start to Finish | Phase Two: The Fascination is the current project being worked on and is scheduled to be released in a few months.

How was the success of “Start To Finish – Phase One: The Attraction” so far? Phase one did great! It has been downloaded and played in 12 different countries all over the world. Also, I have had a lot of different artist in the US and over seas wanting to work on collaborations together. Working with new artist is always awesome!

What’s the concept of your second project? Is it purposely the sequel to The Attraction EP? Yeah, well with the first EP we came out with some R&B tracks and some Hip-hop tracks. With the next EP, it will be more poppy. Pop and Hip Pop feel had to switch it up and let people know that I’m not limited to just one sound…

Do you already have a set release date for “Start To Finish – Phase Two: The Fascination”? We don’t have a set date for the second EP because things change everyday. I am always adding tracks and taking tracks out, so hopefully in early mid May but you never know. But I will keep you posted, NikkiSiixx!

What are the goals you have that you want to accomplish before 2011 is over? I just wanted to get my name out more. Have more people listen to my music, and it will happen. I know it’s going to take time, but I’m confident that it will happen. One specific goal I had was to get my music on the radio and and I have a song called “Bad Girl” that plays on X102.3, I know that I can accomplish anything.

Any last words? Special thanks to everyone that listened to, and downloaded the album. I really appreciate it.



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