Rap Battles: KOTD – 2011 Grand Prix – The Saurus / Illmaculate vs Manik / Spyte (Round 1)

Check out the first round of the 2011 Grand Pix held by KOTD (KingOfTheDot) in Canada, where it’s 2 VS 2! The Saurus and Illmaculate VS Manic and Spyte. I’ve noticed now with these battles they’re averaging about 30 minutes long, like a television show. (I LOVE IT)

As for the battle I already had favorites with this one The Saurus and Illmaculate, as I watched the battle I couldn’t believe how right I was. They killed all three rounds. Their performance was on point, you can hear them clearly, and what they said left me :O.

I’ve never heard of Spyte or Manic, but damn :/ they had a good 1st round but already by the second and third.. what happened? Second round you wanted to spit more and then you stayed quiet and we waited and waited… Illmaculate calls you out on TIME! Then in the third round Spyte had to really think about his lines and Manic was trying to help but it just didn’t work.

After the third round Manic took it personal and got in Illmaculate’s face about something he said. (REMINDER THESE ARE RAP BATTLES, IF YOU TAKE IT TO THE HEART YOUR IN THE WRONG GAME) I just think they took it more personal because they lost at their hometown.

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