Urgent: Fight Against “SOPA” H.R.3261

URGENT! You guys need to wake up, ASAP! If we don’t act now, they’re will be restrictions on our freedom of speech on the world wide web!

Watch the video below to get a better understanding of what “SOPA” H.R.3261 means and what could happen if the bill does get passed!

PROTECT IP / SOPA Breaks The Internet from Fight for the Future on Vimeo.

This can mean huge issues for us bloggers that promote music, movies, and anything else thats related to the entertainment business. If we don’t spread the word to other Internet users (which should be everyone you know) the limitations that we’ll have would take the benefit of doing everything and anything you want on it. We won’t be able to progress and we need to expand!

I’m fighting the cause by posting the STOP CENSORSHIP Banner, Supporting and Promoting, and writing this post to anything I can do to help. Because if no one does anything, we can NOT revoke the bill if it’s already passed! The sites we go on daily could be blocked, removed, and the ability to write to anyone anything you want will be carefully monitored by the government due to they’re trying to Protect your “IP Address”. After watching the video above it states that still after getting the SOPA Bill passed if you know the websites IP Address you can still view the site. Isn’t that contradicting itself? How can you have this bill to help protect IPs when they’ll still be accessible by someone else.

WTF!! What are YOU going to do?!

“To everyone who wrote their rep, made calls, posted to Twitter and Facebooks — and especially to everyone who ran the modal and blacked out their logos, you are courageous and you made history yesterday. You just took the first step to combine the web’s largest sites, its strongest communities, its staunchest defenders and billions of users into and unbeatable force for stopping censorship” – Homes Wilson
Fight for the Future AmericanCensorship.org

If we don’t act now our future generations will have NO voice!

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  1. this is crazy and it is most likely going to pass… it is just another way for the 1% to close it’s door. i hope everyone can see.. that while they get stronger.. we get weaker.. 10 years ago occupy LA would have been a violent street war if someone tried to shut down the movment… These walls are closing! peace and blessing to Art, Nikki and fam

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