Music Video: J. Nolan – Round

Check out the latest visuals for J. Nolan’s music video ROUND, off of his previously released mixtape Loose Files. Directed & Edited by “ThePEST”. J. Nolan is a Hip-Hop Artist from Atlanta, Georgia. Bright visuals of J. Nolan going by his day listening to his music. ROUND has a jazz, soulful feel to it but J. Nolan is able to demonstrate his talents in his hip-hop artistry. J. Nolan portrays in his music his influences such as NaS, The Roots, OutKast, Lupe Fiasco. For more updates from J. Nolan view the links below.

Feel Me, Screaming at the world until they feel me
They ain’t got no other choice but to hear me and they people that I’m round
cause its the sound that make the world go round
[X2]” – Chorus


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