Review: Ron Slyda – The Rocket: A Musicool

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THE ROCKET: A MUSICOOL is the second mixtape released by Ron Slyda, South Florida Hip-Hop Artist. I had a interview with Ron back in June 2011 and we discussed the upcoming project THE ROCKET: A MUSICOOL. Ron Slyda has been busy performing at BOUNCE at Churchill’s Pub & #BLOGFEST2011 at Club Eve. After the release, it’s time for me to give you my opinion on the project by writing about my favorite tracks on here. I will review six tracks.

[x] THE ROCKET is the perfect track to start off the mixtape. With the initial countdown feels like we’re taking off into a galactic journey through Ron’s music. I find that this song gets me hyper!

[x] THE MUSICOOL is a laid back track. At the beginning it starts off slow and then the beat really starts to kick in at 0:21. I really like the way Ron Slyda took this track.

[x] ZOOM has a great sample at the beginning, which gives it more vibe to it. “Zoom is about the high I get off my life as well as the drinking and drugs. The meaning is also there that people ain’t on my level and ignoring the chance to get up here” -Ron Slyda

[x] AIN’T NO LOVE is the song to show that there’s no love out there in the music lifestyle. Not saying you can’t get love but the love is from everyone within the hip-hop community. Genuine support and feedback. Ron Slyda wants to let them know that the streets and his real friends and fans support him regardless of the hate and blackballing. HOOK: Ain’t no love in my city but a nigga still vibing / they hating cause a nigga shit riding/ I’m str8 sliding and a nigga getting money but the lil love I got they can’t take from me. The singing goes: they heard im out here putting it down /so now they hate on me in my town/ aiiint no love /they heard that I ain’t fucking around so now they plan on puling me down/aint no love.

[x] STUCK WITH ME is definitely a track for the ladies, at least for a special someone. No matter how he’s life can be difficult he would always have that love for her. “Im 100! and you’re stuck with me

[x] THE COMET is the final song on the mixtape as well as the last song on my review. I feel that Ron Slyda wordplay fits well with the beat. Listen to what he has to say!

This concludes my review of Ron Slyda’s THE ROCKET: A MUSICOOL. Want to find out more on Ron Slyda? View links below.


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