Album Review: Rich Kid Sound System: No Cheers For Pioneers


No Cheers For Pioneers is definitely the top Indie/Hip-Hop Album of the summer. If I do say so myself. Rich Kid Sound System consists of Gabriel “Q” Pelaez (songwriter/vocalist/rapper) and Leo De la O (producer/vocalist). I really find this tape to be a great listen and it vibes out like summer days. Since their influences are The Beach Boys, The Beatles, Lykke Li, MGMT, and Justice. You’ll understand when you take a listen.

Throughout the tape you hear a conversation between Q and a lady friend at a crowded bar. She ask him questions regarding what he wants to accomplish with his music, what inspires him, and has he ever fallen in love. Pretty dope mini interview, really lets the listeners get to know more of Q from RKSS.

No Cheers For Pioneers is a seventeen track project. I’m going to review my favorite six tracks. So here it goes…

SONNET 27 The hook really won me over for the fact it’s catchy and relative. You gotta sing along. “Let’s take a journey and cross my mind and fall in love with the things we find. ” Q’s flow compliments the production.

TALK ABOUT USI’m sending out an SOS but all I hear is whispering, pick up on my lines when I cast them out like fisherman. Here we go with this again, Hope someone is listening, tension whores you can’t ignore” Song is definitely on repeat!

WHY DON’T THEY DANCE Wow! This song puts me in a really awesome mood. Just makes you want to dance! If I were to direct a video to this song I would just have EVERYONE dancing and catching everyone having a good time.

SOMEBODY THAT I USED TO KNOW To be honest I was able to hear this track before it’s release.. I really thought it was RKSS song (Never heard Goyte’s song before). Even though it’s a remix off of Goyte’s Somebody I Used To Know, I still believed that RKSS did an amazing rendition. I prefer their version.

GET WHAT YOU GIVE This has to be one of my favorite tracks off the album. Catchy ass hook! Can’t stop singling along. “I heard it all before, it seems like. You get what you give, yeah!. Get what you give, give, yeah!” Q states “See I’m a put my best up in it. push my self testing limits. Most these acts just tend to mimic, movie stars with a rendered image..”

NO CHEERS FOR PIONEERS Damn this one is also one of my favorites. The production, the lyricism, the chorus.. all of these elements make this song worth listening to over and over. This song can be an anthem for the ones who gone un-listened. When Q start’s the first verse he paces little by little with the beat. Found that to give momentum till the chorus kicks in again. Love it!

People in Miami enjoy sunny days, warm weather all year long, music, and dancing. We wanted to make music that combined all of those elements. -Q

This concludes my review on No Cheers For Pioneers from Rich Kid Sound System. If you loved the album as much as I did, you must click the cover art above and get your free download ASAP! S/O to RKSS!