Music Video: Da Deputy – Don’t Change

Da Deputy has been on his grind lately, and recently dropped the visuals for the track “Don’t Change” off his Johnny Dep mixtape. The video, directed by Jake Wangner, continues his pattern of solid video projects. Da Deputy is planting roots as one of the more well-rounded artists coming out of Texas right now. As usual, the beat is catchy and the wordplay solid. You can tell he spent time crafting this song into a story.

I think my favorite part of this video is when the beat changes up and his flow goes to a more spoken-word style. It’s nice that he changes up the pace to keep listeners enticed and comes full circle with the video story line simultaneously. Those are the kind of things that show maturity as an artist and brings to mind the word ‘professional’. I’m glad this cat has kept up the good work, and I’m excited to see what’s next for him. If you haven’t, catch a copy of his mixtape Johnny Dep.

Follow him on Twitter: @dadeputy