Album Review: Petty – Short But Sweet



Nashville, TN upcoming artist Petty released his full length project Short But Sweet on the 26th of February. He starts the project on high note with his intro where he nonchalantly states “ecstasy, you could get sexed to sleep”. The second track “Realer with Design” allows petty to show off his smooth wordplay over a beat that’s as hot as krispy kreme when the lights on. “Morning Prayer” is only 1:10 long, short but sweet I suppose, but he gets his point across in it. The song “Wake Yo Bitch Ass Up” has an early morning inspirational message to it somewhat like that of outkast’s “git up git out” or kanye’s “good morning”. Track five “Hustlers” is my type of song, willie hutch-like production with get what you need done mentality. My favorite line of “Hustlers” was definitely “you niggas too weak (two week), that’s a paycheck”. On “Run On” he paints a Van Gogh like picture about lyrics that mimic true life.

Petty showed his southern roots heavily on “Wish I Had A Cadillac” where he raps about wanting an old school caddy since we was a child. This was my favorite on the project due to my own love for General Motors cars although I’m more into chevrolets. Track eight “Short But Cool” is that song when Petty addresses women from the aspect of pimping to the anatomy of woman. “Let Your Hair Down (Foxxxy)” has a more positive approach to a woman and her anatomy. I felt like Petty was living out a fantasy of having sex with Pam Grier’s most popular character on that joint, I dig it jack. “Love Good Morning” is that song you play for your woman before an early morning sheet wrestling match and he captured it well.

Every project now needs a good song you can smoke and get head to, well “Blow Sum” is that song. I love how he took a Big K.R.I.T like flow but sped up enough to make it original. “Drinking with the old heads” is the record you can play with your dad, grandfather and son in the car and all four of you can enjoy the knowledge waiting to be soaked up from it. Petty curved the album slightly left with “Get Over You’ which seems like a sad song about losing a loved one which most can find to a relative topic. The next track “2nd Time around” is like when you get back with your ex expecting but results but it ends the same way. “Murder On My Mind” brings the tempo up the project back up while he talks about thoughts of wanting the murder vagina and the music scene from the underground. Petty finishes the project with his song “Other Side of the Game” which speaks on learn what it’s like for a man to be played by a woman after playing multiple women. The entire project was produced by The Stuyvesants of Brooklyn. Overall this a solid project that I recommend you download.

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