EP Review: Jay West- The Governor


Jay West of Brockton, MA started the first quarter of 2013 by releasing “The Governor EP”. This 7 song EP starts off with a track titled the “The Inauguration”  which sets the mood for the rest of the EP by Mr. West saying “Mayor with his bitch, naw homie I’m the governor” on the hook of the song. After you start to get into the groove, the post-inauguration speech celebration starts with “I Run This” on which Jay West explains why he runs not only the city but the entire state of Massachusetts.

The third track is “Bout That” featuring Romestar on which they spit about creating genuine music that they’re willing to place a bet on. The next joint “Slacking” featuring J. Hughes which is a song about getting your business together an artist, something every artist should be able to relate to but not many can. West lightens the mood some by making the fifth song “3 Day Weekend” which is a song that you can play while pre-gaming to hit the club. “3 Day Weekend” features Who But Chryst and they get you in the mood to have a great weekend.

Mr. West goes deeper on “Hold On” which covers the topic of a love on the verge of that still has a slight chance of hope. The Governor EP ends on as high of a note as it started with the track “For The City, For The State” which features Jay Moore of Buffalo, NY and Cardiye of Atlanta, GA. This track captures the reason why artists work so hard and shows that it’s the same thing from three different hip-hop markets. Overall the EP is nice and I recommend you give it a listen. If you enjoy it and would like to download this project the link is http://tweetmymixtape.com/j2po9k

Connect with Jay West online: @JayWest_http://www.youtube.com/MyJaywesthttp://jaywest.bandcamp.com/