Music Video: King Ramses – Theory

King Ramses is on his grown man rap shit. ‘Theory’ is the third video in his “Making of Ramses” series and it doesn’t disappoint. Ramses puts himself into his rhymes and uses his stresses to fuel his wordplay. You don’t have to dig very far to find the soul under the drug references and street influences; Ramses seems like the kind of guy that wears his situation on his sleeve. The video does a great job of complimenting the song by painting a dark picture for the lyrics to shine. DreamwishDigital deserves some props for the quality of the video; nothing over the top, just professional throughout.

I said that King Ramses is on his grown man shit, and I think it’s apparent with this song. He pulls no punches in telling his story. Right from jump a line pops out; “with half my city either selling or using, this is felony music”. I think Ramses uses the drug culture and his upbringing to fuel his rhymes and storytelling without glamorizing the hustle; admirable intentions in a cold world. This video is a solid offering in the “Making of Ramses” project.

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