LP Review: Beautiful Struggle – Life As We Know It

Life As We Know It front cover
Beautiful Struggle is a hard-working and talented hip-hop group consisting of Ali, T-Med, Don Woodz, and Chris Syms. Residing in Miami, Florida. Latest release from Beautiful Struggle is they’re LP Life As We Know It. I’m going to review with you my favorite tracks from the LP. Play the tape while reading what I think about it.

LIFE AS WE KNOW IT – Anyone living life day to day can relate to this track. Life as we know it, Beautiful Struggle let’s you in on what they’ve experience. This line “Party over here, If you over there, all you do is stare, bring your ass over here” I find to be catchy. Dope beat by Danny Dee.

SWEETEST – This song is definitely for the ladies. The boys express what they’re feeling for their women. Describing their physical and mental capabilities. From working hard and making money, to how they satisfy them. I find the beat to be perfect for the concept of the track, which was produced by Kooley Jones.

BOUNCE – Beat goes hard right from the beginning. Perfect track for the club gettin’ crunk.

ELEGANT LIVING – One of my favorites off of ‘Life As We Know It’ Really like everyone’s flow. The title introduces you to the Love/Life sense. But the only reason they feel this way is by working hard to get there.

IN A MINUTE – Features local hip-hop artist Glocky Davis. I find the collaboration to be on point. All artists on this track vibe out and make it fun as hell. “With a fresh cut and new kicks the sky is the limit, You stuck at the entrance so you feel offended, We roll up and we step up and walk right in it. We’re chilling, the show starting in a minute!”

This concludes my review on Beautiful Struggles LP ‘Life As We Know It’ If you’r diggin’ it as much as I am you should definitely download now!