Album Review: Brandon* – Rainbow In The Dark

ritdBrandon* of Tampa, FL is releasing his first album “Rainbow In The Dark” on June 7, 2013. We were honored with a chance to stream the project before it’s release. The album starts with the intro track “Glow In The Dark” which sets the mood for the album with the thunder roaring like it would in a nasty storm. The song “80’s Baby” is about the essence of the 1980’s featuring vocals from Trumaine Lamar & Lexx Black. Mentioning the breakfast club, cabbage patch and other big monumental things from that decade they get their point across. On “Translucent Rhymes” Brandon* gives a sound that is melodic yet upbeat. “Morning Glow” has that feel like what you get listening to an Erykah Badu or Lauryn Hill. Listening to “Urban Vibes” you get that feeling of dancing in the rain under a street light. The title track “Rainbow In The Dark” with vocals from Trumaine Lamar you get a feeling of internal zeal. The track “8pm Stereo Talk” sounds like it could be played in a quiet storm mix. “Quiet Curves” follows in the same direction with a more sexual appeal. Hearing “The Silhouette Dance” give me the same feeling I got the first time I heard the beginning of J. Cole’s “In The Morning”.

The vocals of M.E.R.C on “Illumination” paints a create visual with great verses and a catchy chorus. He made “Cruise Control” have a space age yet chilled sound. “Super Sonic Electronic” reminded me of Missy Elliott’s “I’m Really Hot” with an electric feel. Lexx Black vocals on “Speed Of Light” made the production from Brandon* shine bright. On “Super Sonic Technologic” he took the “Technologic” by Daft Punk to an entirely new level. I felt like I was watching the original Tron movie while listening to “Space Paranoids”. It also reminded me of the scene leading up to Tony Montana being killed in Scarface. The album ends with “Plutopia” which sounds serene and tranquil. This album was a great listen that had my mind running in multiple directions. Go support Brandon* by purchasing the album from the pre-order link below or when it is released on June seventh. PRE-ORDER RAINBOW IN THE DARK

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