#SmaktastikReviews: Tamara Bubble – Living It Up

Tamara Bubble_Living it Up Single Cover

What’s good music lovers! It’s Pedro comin’ at ya’ with that good good – that mash your face up while you nod your head music – that music that reminds you why you still download MP3s to your itunes or have that custom audio deck in your vehicle. Nikki hit me up with a lot of music to review this week and out of all of them, this one had me like:

“OoOoOoooh smaaaack!! you go girl!”

You Go Girl

Tamara Bubble! Songwriter, actress, singer and model from Brooklyn, NY. She writes and performs everything from Dance to Hip Hop, blending elements of Jazz and Soul. It seems as if there’s nothing she can’t do. She shows her versatility on this record by delivering confident rap vocals accompanied by an upbeat melodious hook that had me out of my seat doin’ some kinda’ Beyonce dance.


I was sweatin’, I was dancin’, I was sippin’, I was livin’ it up. Mission Accomplished Tamara. Krazy Figz did an excellent job on the production. The music complimented Tamara perfectly.

The quality of the vocal mix could be improved upon though. There were times where the adlibs overpowered the main vocals which disrupted the blend. This however, didn’t detract from the overall enjoyment of the song at all. I would still blast this in my car. I could still hear this in the club. I could still buss’ a Beyonce to it.

I love how she delivered both competent, cohesive rap verses and singing hooks that make you go:

She can RAP and SING!

A lot of singers who rap on their records sound uncomfortable and unnatural but Tamara really sounds like she’s in her element.

I like this song, love her sound, love her charisma and her style. Despite the vocal mix, I still appreciated the record and want to hear more from this artist. Color me a fan! Her new single is now available on iTunes. Click here to check it out.

Smaktastik Line:

“1999 was a good year. For the same amount I could get her good hair”

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