Mixtape Review: ATM – Friday At The Currency Exchange

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ATM is an artist representing Chicago to the fullest. He is set to release his upcoming mixtape Friday At The Currency Exchange. The date is still un-announced but NikkiSiixx brings you an exclusive listen.

Besides reviewing the album, I took a look into ATM’s bio, and I gotta say is wow! ATM has been through so much growing up “As a toddler he lived homeless with his mother and younger sister for a short period of time. He was medically diagnosed with severe epilepsy, which proved to be too much for his teenage mother to cope with financially and mentally. He was then taken in by his father and step-mother with whom he lived with sporadically till he was 18“. I can imagine how much perseverance ATM has working towards his mixtape. ATM has been given the opportunity to perform in various cities alongside such artist as; Big K.r.i.t., Dizzy Wright, Joey Bada$$, Smoke Dza, Chevy woods, Future, Curren$y, Redman, and Method Man.

Friday At The Currency Exchange has collaborations with producers and artist such as; Sen Beatz, Illiad, Gotti Meers, Dimes, Dev Tha Producer, Instrumental Einstein, Lexiii Banks, Joey Blanco, Trealthy Sounds, EdubleCup, Don DiestrO, C.Willis, Naps The Lionman, and BrandUn Deshay. Project full of talent. Through this exclusive review on Friday At The Currency Exchange, I wanted to share with you my favorite tracks off the mixtape.

[x] TRACK TWO: Yesterday’s Sativa featuring Fiend & Valery Jeanette (Produced By Joey Blanco)

I instantly knew what beat this was. ATM spits over LL Cool J’s ‘Hey Lover’ joint. ATM anxiously awaits when is his turn to take over and get noticed. He feels that he won’t be able to provide for his family since he can barely provide for himself. All he wants to do is concentrate on his dream. Featuring Valery Jeanette on the chorus and Fiend on the third verse. Love Valery’s voice, fits perfectly with the song. Fiend’s deep toned definitely gave some backbone to the vibe. This song was a nice switch up from the original.

[x] TRACK SEVEN: Playa of the Year (Produced By Sen Beatz)

This track screams hip-hop! Love the production from Sen Beatz. Gives that 90’s hip-hop vibe. ATM gives a toast for the Playa of The Year. Have you ever felt like you’re unstoppable because how you feel? If you feel, look, sense greatness. This song is for you. Especially, if you’re apart of the fly high club.

[x] TRACK EIGHT: I’m Coming Home featuring Blk Soldier, Kenwood, Jae Ali, Rob Metaphor, Kellay, Lungz, and Chuck Li (Produced By Dev The Producer)

This track is intense! Besides being eleven minutes long and featuring eight artists I’M COMING HOME is a huge cypher on Dev The Producer’s beat. I think everyone on the track did an amazing job. When you listen to this track you hear the diversity between each others flows. It’s not like someone sounds like someone else.

[x] TRACK TWELVE: Forbidden Affair (Produced By Dimes)

Forbidden Affair is the one that no one really wants. Being the one interfering with someone else’s relationship. Even though you have strong feelings for each other, it’s not real. Being put to the side because she is caught up with her man. ATM is making his choice ending the affair because he feels that it’s just not right.

[x] TRACK FOURTEEN: We MOB featuring Michael Dejanein (Produced By llliad)

With this track, even though it’s almost at the end of the mixtape still felt like an introduction. ATM features Michael Dejanein on We MOB. Living like a mobster, you need a mob wife to fit for that mob life. I like ATM’s confidence and delivery on this one. The production on We MOB is precise, production by llliad. Very dope track.

[x] TRACK FIFTEEN: Last One featuring Kallay and Rasta Kelley (Produced By BrandUn DeShay)

Keeping this track for last, LAST ONE is an amazing track. It starts off silent with ATM doing some spoken word, then the beat sneaks in and goes into a fun/rastafarian vibe. The production is on point! Great track for the smokers. This one is a track to light up and enjoy the positive vibes.

This conclude my mixtape review on ATM’s Friday At The Currency Exchange. Hope you’re feeling the project as much as I am. #PS The first single off this mixtape will be Track Two Yesterday’s Sativa. Want to know when it drops? Follow ATM through his social media outlets to get it first.