What’s New for Romeo Dunn and So Solid Crew?


MC Romeo’s Bingo Dating and Big Brother Popularity, So Solid’s Farewell Album

MC Romeo and So Solid Crew will soon be releasing a new album after years of being on hiatus in the music industry as a garage group. The UK rapper now known as Romeo Dunn has recently re-established his celebrity status after being reconnected with fans. The fan reconnection is all thanks to his charm and renewed confidence which he showcased in a highly talked about bingo dating event and a 2012 popular reality show competition. Along with Lisa Maffia, MC Harvey, and the other original members, Romeo is set to conquer the music stage once again.

Before the much hyped bingo-themed matchmaking promotions campaign and the reality TV show airing, it had been several years since So Solid was at the peak of the limelight. Challenges to their career arose in 2001 and 2004. In 2004, MC Romeo faced criminal charges for allegedly attacking a man. This case would soon be dropped on November 2005. The rapper soon faced a stagnant career. He then pursued other opportunities to rebuild his reputation. He would soon find himself being pulled back to the limelight by big entertainment brands – FoxyBingo and UK Big Brother.

The once popular So Solid crew member was casted in 2012’s UK Celebrity Big Brother where he became an instant fan favorite. He received positive raves even when he got evicted. Soon after, he was chosen to be part of a group of male celebrities that will participate in a promotional event for a leading bingo gaming company. “In order to launch their Bingo dating, foxybingo enlisted the help of some of the hottest single TV stars, rappers and Olympians to go on a speed date with 24 luscious ladies,” FemaleFirst.co.uk reported. As described by a DailyMail.co.uk reporter who was also a lady participant of the bingo-dating event, Romeo seemed to be a “bad boy” who was actually warm and very approachable. 18 out of 24 participants chose Romeo to be on a second date with.

With such a positive publicity from FoxyBingo, Big Brother plus solo music career investments coming from other members, So Solid found a new push to reclaim their stake as masters of garage music. “We realised So Solid isn’t about each individual member, it’s about the brand, and it’s only right that we say: ‘Thank you for having us, it’s been emotional,’” MC Harvey told DailyStar.co.uk regarding their plans for the album and their final tours this October to December. The “Best Of” album compilation to be released this September will be the last album of the original members of So Solid Crew.