Album Review: Shottie – The Blackest Rose


95Labs presents Shottie’s sophomore album The Blackest Rose. The ten track album is a journey through Shottie’s thoughts and perception of his life and the world. Shottie is a recording artist, MC, writer, and director that is currently residing in New York City. I wanted to show you guys which songs were my favorite from The Blackest Rose, it’s really a dope project and it’s definitely worth the listen.

[x1] Black Roses – Shottie mentions scenarios of how beautiful one thing can be then all of a sudden it can turn ugly like a black rose. Regarding a relationship that was “supposedly” meant to be.. but ending in a tragedy. Wants his mother’s approval, but doubts he’ll ever get it.

[x3] Sayonara You (featuring Salazar) – Love the production on this track by TeV95. The chemistry with Shottie and TeV95 really shows off both they’re talents. From sick production to amazing lyricism. It showcases through out the entire album The Blackest Rose. SAYONARA YOU also features Miami recording artist, Salazar.

[x4] Bag of Shrooms – I find this track to be fun for the fact Shottie’s delivery is non-stop and consistent. His wordplay is intense. The track also gives off a mean demeanor. You don’t want to be messing with Shottie.

[x6] Illegally Medicated – “Can I Get A Light? I’m Jus Trying To Live My Life” If you medicate yourself with Maryjane, you can definitely relate to this track. You just wanna live your life and light one up. With the ever day stresses of life and all you want to do is unwind. Love how the song was delivered and the production is nuts!

[x7] Dream (featuring Rue Brown) – “The Homie Said I’m Gonna Be A Star, Same Day My Girl Said I Ain’t Shit” Shottie’s not sure from reality to a dream. Is his goals to high to be reached? Or will he be able to accomplish the impossible. I love the female addition to the album. With Rue Brown’s sultry voice really gives life to the track.

[x9] In The Presence – This track has to be my favorite from Shottie on The Blackest Rose. He’s story-telling is really dope on this one. So descriptive, that leads you’re imagination to become vivid. From conversations he had with his mother or things he see’s in the sky. I thought it was pretty dope that they sampled Paul Hellyer (Canadians Ex-Defence Minister) speech regarding UFO’s and aliens being real.

This concludes my album review on Shottie’s The Blackest Rose. It was a great music experience and I hope many more others take a listen. The Blackest Rose is available on Bandcamp with NAME YOUR PRICE on download or you can pay $8 for an exclusive limited edition physical copy of the project.

The Blackest Rose (Album Release Party) will be held September 25th at Sullivan Hall and will also feature art, visual projections, and live performances by Shottie, Scienze + The Ellavators, and Uptown Vernacular. Click Image Below For Tickets: