Download: Kaso – Back To The Future Lost in Time Mixtape

Back to future

Back to future

Indy C.T. Hip-Hop Artist Kaso released his mixtape Back To The Future – Lost in Time. via Datpiff. I find the sixteen track project was a great introduction to Kaso, The Artist. First time listening and I gotta say “very dope!” Production is on point and Kaso’s presence on the mixtape stays strong through the entire journey back to the future.

My favorite tracks off Back To The Future – Lost in Time are Blunt Ride (Produced By Talen Ted), TimeLess (Produced By Talen Ted), Swiss Percission (Produced By AdoTheGod), Gotta Hustle (Produced By AdotheGod), Isolation (Produced By AndreOnBeat), Request Line (Produced By Talen Ted), Favorite Girl (Produced By RmbJustize), and Momentum Shift (Produced By AndreOnBeat).

The concept of the project places Kaso in his car after the repair shop and noticed something was different on his radio, upon twisting the dial into which he thought would adjust the stations on his newly acquired “Satellite radio system” he was launched into a journey through sound and time. This concept portrays perfectly through the mixtape.

My goal for Back To The Future – Lost in Time mixtape was to use music to give an experience similar to on felt at a movie screening, through suspense, sadness, happiness and many other feelings on the spectrum of emotion. -KASO