Project Review: Baysiqly – Diary Of A Dreamer [prod. K Da Great]

DOAD Front Art
Check out the latest release from Miami’s own Baysiqly (1/2 of Vagabonds) with his collaborative project with Kenya-based producer K Da Great titled Diary Of A Dreamer. The 10 Track Project is definitely a great listen. I’m going to go over my six favorite tracks from Diary of A Dreamer.

I have to comment on the cover art. This is beautiful. Fully stare into the jaguar like feline face. With features that are attached to a headband with a dreamweaver necklace. The cover art truly captures the artist surviving in the jungle and reaching to be the one. The necklace represents dreams, and what a great reference to the first track off the Diary of A Dreamer DREAMS. Press Play & Read On :]

DREAMS: Was featured on under New Music! [08/2013] “Currently, Baysiqly and K Da Great are releasing the first song off their upcoming project Diary of Dreamer, which is DREAMS. I found this track to be really dope. Besides only being 1:15 you gotta hear this track over and over. DREAMS describes Baysiqly’s motivation to find success by working hard and dedicating himself to his vision. Which I know where we can all relate. K Da Great produced this hard beat.” View Visual Below:

THE FOUNDATION: Describes his life as a hard working individual that’s striving to conquer and have everything he wanted and needed. Money is his motivation. Baysiqly states he would go back and do it all over. Knowing now that staying motivated on the purpose of succeeding and becoming a famous artist with his talent.

LIMBO: This is a great track. Baysiqly’s story-telling is amazing. I was able to visualized every lyric. He puts you there right in the story. Unfortunately, life comes with struggles. Especially when you’re feeling pushed up against the wall. Seeking negative . Unfortunately, this is not the right path to take. Follow the story in LIMBO. Love the production on this track. With the vocals in the background gives me the feeling of the movie Edward Scissorhands. (The soundtrack is amazing)

IN THE MAKING: I thought the concept of the song was dope. Baysiqly is half of Vagabonds (hip-hop duo). He is able to maintain his devotion to the brand even though he created a solo project. Keeping it real, “8 Years In The Making“.

Til I found my calling in 48 bars/
go hard get right and fuck sorrow/
im living everyday like I wont see tomorrow/
you say that I’m garbage, nigga I say you crazy/
im spitting from the heart gift the good lord gave me/uh/
we at war so im up all night, til victory is claimed/
white flags seeing enemies wave uh/
and life is my opponent/
but I enjoy it every mothafucking moment/

baysiqly photo 2DESIRE: (Featuring Young Noble) This track is meant for the ladies. Baysiqly expresses what he wants to do to his girl of interest and how to make her feel very special. This song was well-composed S/O to K Da Great! Baysiqly’s raspy voice creates a more intimate vibe, creating the sense he’s talking right to her.

CIRCLE OF LIFE: Baysiqly’s flow on this track is fun and serious at the same time. When you hear out what he’s trying to say it’s wild. During each verse he goes in on the story telling. Each verse is a different scenario that takes us to the harsh times people have to deal with.

This concludes my project review on Diary Of A Dreamer by Baysiqly. This 10 track project is definitely worth a second listen. Don’t forget to download your own! Also, follow Baysiqly below for all updates with his upcoming music and more.