Music Video: Wogz – Lonely Girl

Who said hip hop can’t be wholesome? Who said it can’t be vulnerable and honest? Maybe it takes an artist like Wogz to show that it’s alright to be a little hurt sometimes. In her latest video, Wogz comes correct with the soul and beauty I’ve come to expect from the Chicago artist. ‘Lonely Girl’ is a tale of heartbreak, resiliency and vulnerability. Directed by APJ Films, the video illustrates the two sides of femininity in striking contrast. Aaron Perkins has a clear vision and professional polish that comes with experience and talent, he gives the video life and identity.

With this video, Wogz puts her femininity on display for the world to see. The video uses the contrast of the shots to show you how she hurts and how she heals. During the day, her wholesome vulnerability is on display. Fields of flowers, ocean tides, that huge voice she has; all of it has some beautiful melancholy vibes emanating from my computer screen. Her lyrics during these shots tell the story of a hopeful heart and broken promises.

At night a different animal comes out. Her wardrobe changes, her attitude steps up, and her resiliency comes spitting through her teeth. She speaks on her strength and growth during the lows. Angst and frustrations vocalized. The entire ‘Lonely Girl’ offering is something special, something to be spoken about and discussed. It’s not often that a music video puts this much forward; tugging at heartstrings and provoking thought at the same time. Wogz has come a long way, and has a bright path ahead of her. Good work girl, go and get yours.