Audio: YoAstrum – Space Invaders

Space Invader Covart
Credit Cover Art: animblebranch

I came across this track from Winslow, New Jersey hip-hop artist YoAstrum with SPACE INVADERS. He is also apart of the Hip Hop collective Organic Geniuses, a group that consist of other artists and producers from across the Eastcoast and Midwest. SPACE INVADERS is the first track off his upcoming project called Alchemy. Production by Ta-Ku brings the whole video game sense to the beat. YoAstrum’s delivery is strong and witty. He definitely provides a sense of being zoned and especially with the unique production on deck. YoAstrum musical influences are Japanese culture, Nujabes, NERD, MF Doom, Charles Hamilton, Kid Cudi, Outkast, and Flying Lotus.