Music Video: Que – OG Bobby Johnson

og-bobby-johnsonAtlanta’s own Que has a song that possibly could be the next big radio hit. I usually try to veer right from anything that sounds super radio friendly but “OG Bobby Johnson” has all of the components needed for a great song. First if you grew up in the 80s or 90s you’ve probably seen the movie South Central multiple times and know about OG Bobby Johnson. The next thing the Producer Bobby Johnson put such an ear catching cadence on the beat that it makes you want to listen. Que then keeps your attention with his slightly raspy voice croning “Word on the streets I’m a suspect/ Hanging with the killers in the projects/ potato on the barrel, keep quiet (shhh)/ Catch a nigga slipping from behind/”. Then if that wasn’t catchy enough he seals your fate by chanting “OG Bobby Johnson” on the hook. Not only is Que great at making hooks that can catch your attention but he’s also quite the storyteller and he actually used components from the movie in the song with references such as “Ray Ray will tell it all, gotta watch a sherm head” . I can go on for days on why I think the song is dope but I rather you guys get your own opinion for it so give it a listen. Feel free to leave feedback we love to hear your opinions.