Videogames: The Walking Dead Survival Instinct

Recently we purchased The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct game for Playstation 3 and what a great investment. The story takes place before the group got introduced in Atlanta. We’re in Daryl Dixon’s point of view and we’re trying to survive and make it to a safe zone. Throughout the way you discover weapons, locate you’re missing brother Merle, and try to save others along the way. The scenery stays relevant to the television show and also the music.
TheWalkingDeadSI_Screenshot7Killing Zombies CLOSE UP! When these walkers surprise you all of a sudden in a dark room, or around the corner you can’t help yourself from screaming. This game is very intense. Different alternative routes to handle missions, take you to different scenarios and if you look hard enough you can even find other survivors. Weapons, food supplies, and ammo are the key elements to help survive the zombie apocalypse. It’s all about your strategy!
the_walking_dead_survival_instinct_12When there’s a herd of walkers what would you do? Will you take them out one by one or will you go head on and go in a zombie killing spree. I like to take the approach slow and steady. Make sure I don’t overwhelm myself with zombies or get cornered in. You don’t want to go shooting up the place that will lure in more walkers and will lead to your demise. If interested in getting this game take a look in Walmart or Gamestop for $25! Great gift for a Walking Dead Fan, Videogame Addict, and also a Norman Reedus fan as well!