Album Review: OB – Celestial Offerings


ce·les·tial of·fer·ings: A sacrifice, a bundle of all things human placed into a time capsule and given up to an entity greater than humanity. An admittance of both human limitation and potential.

OB recently released his latest album Celestial Offerings. Being apart of the Illustrious M.O.B.Stars movement in New Jersey. A hip-hop super group which stand for (M.O.B.Stars)— Maintaining Our Brot hers, Stayin’ Torally Alert Revolutionary Style. I’ve got to say this sixteen track project is a great listen and I really did enjoy the trip OB took me on. Throughout the session I found six tracks to really grasp my attention and I wanted to let you know what I felt about them. So here goes my review of OB’s Celestial Offerings.

02 YOU & I – Upcoming emcees O.B. and SaFE team up for this track. They expressed an aggressive perspective. But that’s not the vibe I get from the song. I feel that beat is so uplifting that that perspective doesn’t show, but when you read the lyrics you can see it. YOU & I was produced by Reese Jones. They also released a visual to this track too! Thought it was dope they had two girls jamming out to this song. While they start off their day in the morning.

04 LOST IN THOUGHT – “Je suis un millier de miles à la recherche de vous. Pour se render compte, que j’étais prêt à marcher un millier de miles plus” is stated on the soundcloud link to this track. Curious to know what this meant, Google translates: (I’m a thousand miles in search of you, to realize that I was ready to walk a thousand miles rained). OB takes us to a moment where he’s LOST IN THOUGHT. Produced by Nu Vintage.

Q @NikkiSiixx: What was the inspiration towards the concept of LOST IN THOUGHT?
A @OBKingofKings: With lost in thought I was hella intimidated by this verse I heard from SaFE on a song we did called Sunrise. It’s on our spring collection Vol.1 mixtape. It’s when I first felt safes potential and felt inspired and challenged at the same time. In reaction to that I wanted to take my time crafting the lost in thought jawn. I literally laid in my bed without food or water for three days in the heat of the summer staring at the ceiling fan and allowed myself to just drift into this world of pain and empathy. In a way I’m lost because I probably was hallucinating at that point but also I’m lost because it seems as if all of my love interests at the end of the day could be merged into the same person and all of our experiences could be the same failed romantic science experiment.

05 ROUND, SQUARE, BLOCK, CIRCLE – featuring Culture Kev. I thought this track was pretty dope. I love the fundamentals this track contains. Such as amazing production from Arkutec, and dope bars. The guys are extremely witty with their wordplay. Check out this hook, I find this to be catchy!

I take care of those kids/

I pay my own way/

so I can do whatever the fuck I want with my life/

now I done been, all around the world, which was just in every borough/

but I ain’t neva keep it nothing less than thorough/

I don’t take no bullshit/

no how no way/

so you best just the move the fuck on wit yo life/

now I done been, all around the world, which was just in every borough/

but I ain’t neva keep it nothing less than thorough/

OB08 STEADY SITTIN’ – OB’s presence on the track is strong and confident. He was inspired by Nat Turner’s rebellion. This was a slave rebellion that took place in Southampton County, Virginia, during August 1831. Led by Nat Turner, rebel slaves killed anywhere from 55 to 65 people, the highest number of fatalities caused by any slave uprising in the American South. STEADY SITTIN has some crazy production by QB Da Problem and Devious Sounds.

11 PARTY AND BULLSHIT – The track definitely gives off that club anthem sound provided by producer Bravestarr, the track also includes vocals from Culture Kev. Chrysanthemums on the grave of society. The track is based off a women who likes for a man to pay for the things she needs to get by. If not she’ll have to strip to make money for rent. They rather be partying and bullshittin’ instead of taking things seriously!

12 SUDDENLY – This track is meant for that special lady. We get to see the romantic side of OB. Story takes place when he first meets that one that he just can’t stop thinking about and wants to spend his time with her. How can a girl not like this song? Or how can a guy not feel this way about a certain women in his life. Amazing track!

Girl, you, make, my, heart, stop/

I’ve search the world for a girl like you/

And you got me open, I’m hoping/

That I’m the one your love has chosen/

Spend my time, in all of you/

They are two versions of this album available for purchase. A standard one represented by iTunes and SOUNDCLOUD and a special deluxe one represented by BANDCAMP which changes the last song on the album, to a track that features other M.O.B.Star members and Bretagne and it includes a shitload of goodies including a preview of SaFE’s music video. Which I already took a look at and I can’t wait for its official release.

“This piece presented before you was meant to be a sort of time capsule. Written during a week of one of my lowest points in life, I sought out to encapsulate my thoughts of escaping existence into musical form. If there is a higher being of life, or a God, then this is my offer. Our thoughts, our passions, our motivations, our souls, our dreams, our positives, our angst, our lives. I don’t believe in a monotheistic “god”, but I do believe in a spiritual force embedded in nature that connects all of us to one another. This force I refer to as “Allah”. Through Allah, indeed all things are possible and it’s the miracles he’s bestowed upon me that allowed for the conception of this album. -OB”

celestback1600x1600ALBUM DETAILS:
Executive Production: Culture Kev
Production: RaCharm, Arkutec, Bravestarr, Reese Jones, QB Da Problem, Kingshon, Nu Vintage
Mixed and Mastered By: DeWun Music
Guest Appearances By: Bretagne, Culture Kev, SaFE, J.Nolan
Recorded at M.O.B.Star Studios in Paterson, NJ
Empowered by: The Most High