Top Ten Posts of 2013 via NikkiSiixx

photo-22013 has been a great year here at Our team grew stronger with new writers @drewtheloon, @cracccobbain, @thelovelyebanga and @PedroSmaktasktik. I was able to conclude iScreamSundays Season 3 Mid-Season Events from January 20th through April 21st, EVERY Sunday (Free Show No Cover) and we were able to watch The Walking Dead on a wall projector and flatscreen televisions throughout the venue. NikkiSiixx turned 26 and celebrated three years strong for at Propaganda, Lake Worth. Also, BLOGFEST 2013 was held at WakeUpStar Studios, and everyone is anticipating the next NikkiSiixx event. Throughout 2013 we also had some great articles related to music submissions, interviews, special downloads, and advice for artists. We’re going to go over this years top ten posts of 2013:

Download: NETWERK VOL EIGHT brought to you by and 8and9 Clothing
NETWERKVOLEIGHT CoverArt Presents NETWERK VOL EIGHT! Bringing you seventeen dope artist from all over. Sponsored by 8and9 Clothing Line. Stay tuned for our announcement on who’s going to perform, July 20th for NETWERK at 8and9 The Showroom…[READ MORE…]

Music Video: Que – OG Bobby Johnson
Atlanta’s own Que has a song that possibly could be the next big radio hit. I usually try to veer right from anything that sounds super radio friendly but “OG Bobby Johnson” has all of the components needed for a great song. First if you grew up in the 80s or 90s you’ve probably seen the movie South Central multiple times and know about OG Bobby Johnson…[READ MORE…]

NikkiSiixx Do’s and Dont’s: Submissions 101
From a bloggers perspective, submitting music should be something simple and easy to do. But sometimes the artist, manager, promotional agent, and friends don’t promote the content accurately and appropriately. I know the whole key is to have as many people listen to the content. But if they’re doing it with a wrong approach, it will lead your music to fall on deaf ears. If you don’t want this to happen you should definitely check out below my Do’s and Dont’s in SUBMISSIONS 101…[READ MORE…]

New Music: Rikki Blu – Jordan featuring Michael Da Vinci & Isaiah Rashad
Rikki Blu of Nashville, TN by way of Dallas, TX just released the first single for his debut project XXXIII. The song is an experience from the start when Michael Da Vinci starts off by saying “Y’all niggas talking that gangsta shit, none of y’all niggas near gangsterish” before spazzing out for the rest of his verse. The second verse was done by Isaiah Rashad, who was a featured act on the 2012 Smokers Club Tour put together by Jonny Shipes of Cinematic Music Group…[READ MORE…]

NikkiSiixx Do’s & Don’ts: How To Approach A Female Promoter
As a promoter you are always communicating with the public either online or in person. Sometimes it can get a bit awkward due to the fact I am a women. They might find me attractive and this may lead them in the wrong direction. They sidetrack and will miss out an opportunity that will help out with their career. I created a Do’s & Don’t’s list to help the artists and managers. This will help you have a better relationship with the promoter which can guarantee you more features and possible performances…[READ MORE…]

Mixtape Review: ATM – Friday At The Currency Exchange
Photo Front
ATM is an artist representing Chicago to the fullest. He is set to release his upcoming mixtape Friday At The Currency Exchange. The date is still un-announced but NikkiSiixx brings you an exclusive listen.
Besides reviewing the album, I took a look into ATM’s bio, and I gotta say is wow! ATM has been through so much growing up…[READ MORE…]

Download: Kal-L – To Paris With Love
to paris with love front
Kal-L releases his EP To Paris With Love. The project is a collaboration with Parisian beat maker/producer Keor Meteor (except for track one). Kal-L is an upcoming hip-hop artist from Atlanta, GA…[READ MORE…]

NikkiSiixx’s Do’s & Don’ts: Getting Booked For A Show

What’s up ya’ll? I’ve been asked non-stop from artist if they can perform at one of my shows or even advice of how to get booked. From the experienced I’ve gained from throwing shows for an entire year. Averaging from one to three even four showcases a month. These are my Do’s & Don’t of how to get booked for a show…[READ MORE…]

NikkiSiixx Do’s and Dont’s: How To Promote Your Music Through Social Media Outlets
Social Media has taken the internet by storm, it’s not the same as 10 years ago. Social Media outlets are websites that offer ways to interact with others, they might be friends or family and possibly with people you’ve never met.. The most popular out of these social outlets are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, and the list goes on and on. I would like to go over the proper way to use Twitter and Facebook since these are the media outlets I use the most. I consider these more like guidelines…[READ MORE…]


Hippie Sabotage: VACANTS (Download/Listen)
Hippie Sabotage - VACANTS - cover
As electronic dance music, better known as EDM, is on the rise as a global phenomena. So is the fusion of trap music and such electronic music. These two California based brothers are Hippie Sabotage. VACANTS beat tape is their fourth release. This astoundingly perfect fusion of trap and…[READ MORE…]

I just really wanted to give you all a personal shoutout to who has supported me along the way. & providing us motivation through your inspirations. Leads us wanting to help more each day. 2014 is going to be a very productive year for NikkiSiixx and her staff. We’re ready for what’s next!