New Music: Tyler Keys – Is It Worth It? [Produced By Jaae Kash]


Check out the latest track from Cali Artist Tyler Keys with IS IT WORTH IT? Thought the track was dope, Tyler raps about relevant things such as smoking, living life, and working hard to be successful. Super catchy hook! Producer Jaae Kash states “I knew I had the potential to make such a smooth track but I wasn’t expecting it to come out like this. I made sure I went high and above my limits to make this track stood out. Once Tyler laid the hook down, I knew it was a wrap from there.” The two definitely should collab on more tracks in the near future.

Q] NIKKISIIXX: What makes you different?
A] JAAE KASH: “Over the 4 years of producing and recording music, I feel the Lord has gave me the will power to evolve on so many different levels. From jerking to dub-step to hip-hop, I’ve tested the waters with just about every genre of music. I feel that’s how it should be. There are some many avenues in this music industry, why just focus on one? I, personally, can’t do that. My imagination and creativity is too broad. I get a kick out of making something that doesn’t sound familiar to the human ear, but some how, some way, you’ll love it. That’s what it’s all about, doing something different every chance you get. You never know the outcome, it might be good, it might be bad, but at least you tried at the end of the day. People respect that the most when you’re doing what you feel is right.”

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