Music Video: E. Grizzly – Moore

The Philadelphia artist E. Grizzly brings this visual for his single ‘Moore’ to the forefront of the underground with precision and polish. The song comes from a place of thought, as most good art does, and has stark honesty about the dating scene in the digital generation. Even the beat echoes this sentiment. Dark and digital, it lays the framework for E. Grizzly to offer his sentiments to the masses.

‘Moore’ is directed by Ronin of RA and is the third installment of Grizzly’s “Generation A” video series. Even if this video stood on it’s own it would be heavy, but the collaboration between RA-NYC and E. Grizzly just adds more weight to an already respectable project. There are some good vibes coming from E. Grizzly and RA, I’m excited to see more from the PKG artist in the near future.