#SmaktastikReview: JMB – Only Other Thing

I’m back hip hop fiends and I have something a bit new and different than what I’ve been hittin you with as of late. Usually I review R&B and Hip-Hop but I was impressed with what Nikki showed me this week. Pull out your sub-woof-woofs and your Dre’s guys because we’re gonna be checking out some  Hip Hop/Pop today!

lol wait wait wait…before you “x” this window out let me just say that this guy’s actually pretty good. I see potential here. “JMB”, hailing from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, is apparently making a bit of noise in the tri-state area after his breakout mixtape release of “The Former Benchwarmer”. He’s already opened for national acts such as Andy Grammer, Chiddy Bang, Jake Miller, Spose and OCD: Moosh & Twist. So the least we could do is give his single a shot right?

lol Good.

So I clicked play and the first thing I thought was

“Drake…is that you?”………….

But after listening for a few more seconds I obviously heard that it wasn’t. JMB’s harmonies are more layered and full. Frankly speaking, JMB’s a better vocalist. I was more impressed with the singing more than his rap verses though.  These days there are a lot of artists who implement the double-threat in their records. Adding your own melodies to your Hip-Hop record as opposed to having a feature is being seen quite often. That’s the case here, however JMB looks to set himself apart by concentrating on the harmonies. He goes large and full on the hooks in this song.

His single, “Only Other Thing”, is a love song. Even though it’s almost typical, if not mandatory, for an R&B-Rap hybrid record to be a love song, JMB manages to make this one stand out. Ladies you’ll appreciate this one and guys…well..I guess you could play this for your girlfriend. lol!

In any event, JMB is a talented artist. Despite your thoughts about love songs and R&B-Rap you have to acknowledge what he’s doing on his records and in the music scene. Check it out and you’re welcome.


“You could forget me but remember one thing. Without you I am nothing”