#SmaktastikReview: Franc Grams – “Mistakes” (Prod. by Smoke The World)


Yaaaaaow! It…has…been…a ….minute!! Who cares though? As long as we have that music we’ll all be just fine. I still brought you something to make up for my extended absence though. This record right here. This song right here. This…[shakes head and leaves computer to gather composure]. You Nikkiisiixx readers should pay me for putting you on to this artist. Franc Grams, ladies and gentlemen brought tears to my eyes this week with his “Mistakes” record.

This song had everything. It was conceptually deep, the delivery was flawless, and the beat production..my gaaaad! Lyrically, Grams hit us with a message that had depth and coherency. In the song, he takes us on a vivid journey through his mistakes and what it cost him. We all make mistakes Grams tells us; but we should be willing to own up to them and accept them. He points out the hypocrisy existing in the world today when we criticize each other without realizing that mistakes are inevitable. He uses music as an example. The music industry carves the canvas for artists to paint pictures that are destroying the very thing we love. Yet we blame everybody else for the result.

Moving on to the production. Smoke the World provided Franc Grams with something beautiful here. As soon as I clicked play on that Soundcloud I got up and caught some kinda’ Holy Ghost.

With a sample that was oh-so-glorious and a drum kit that probably hit the Malaysian flight out of the sky, Smoke the World pretty much ensured that this track would be a classic.

Please check this artist, producer and song out. Follow him on twitter, download his albums and offer to buy him a pizza. You won’t regret it. You’re welcome hip hop fiends!

[Walks over to Nikki and picks up checks from the readers]


“I sold drugs. They said that I kill people. I’m like ‘nah, I make deals with real people ‘
but sh– I look at doctors and that sh– is real equal. They hide sellin’ poison shoutin’ that they heal people”