Music Video: Kato Dox- Land of the Fees, Home of the Slaves

TPFCN7FKato Dox along with his featured guests Crew54 gave a message that needs to be heard on this joint. The video was well set up starting with Kato sitting on a pile of dinosaur back televisions. Those televisions show different politicians including George W. Bush and Bill Clinton. In the chorus there is a sword-like bar when Kato says “In god we trust but we lust big face” and I believe it is one that can be felt regardless of what one’s religious beliefs may be. His verse touches on great points like the ongoing debate that the government has about immigration by saying “you didn’t really lose your country to minorities/ You chose to hand it over to those crooked politicians/”. He speaks on how schools are lacking funding yet we at still funding wars overseas. Crew54 speaks on minimum wage, the unforgiving judicial system, the wars occuring and coming together as the citizens that are forgotten constantly. A positive song with a positive message is a blessing and shows that hip-hop is getting back to it’s core of discussing the issues that are going on in the world. Check out the video and continue to stay on the look out for Kato Dox.

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