Mixtape: BLKSUNCHILD – Hii On The Lows

blksunLet me be clear about one thing from the start, this mixtape has been brewing for some time now and the results couldn’t be finer. BLKSUNCHILD has been taking his time to grow as an artist and as a human, percolating into something wholesome and resonate. “Hii On The Lows” casts a broad net of vibes and influences. He uses his platform to express frustration, speak on love and life in the city, and make statements of his own drive and determination. Quality abounds.

In this blogger’s opinion, BLKSUNCHILD is an example of the dynamic ability of man to cultivate and develop talent and skill. Man is not static, man has the ability to change and adapt and grow in the direction of his choosing. BLKSUNCHILD is proof of this given ability. In the time that I’ve been aware of his music, about a year now, he has grown in leaps and bounds. Each release and snippet is a milestone of development; each new verse a testament to the depth of the artist. The main ingredients of the very complete “Hii On The Lows” are time and experience plus a few shakes of soul. I strongly advise you to catch the free download before you have to pay to play. BLKSUNCHILD is rising the springtime sun.

LINKS: Twittercuzimblk.com