Music Video: Eric Biddines – Railroads/Unfinished

Eric Biddines debuted his single RAILROADS/UNFINISHED via MTV Jams! With heavy rotation Eric Biddines has been featured since then an exclusive review with HIPHOPDX.COM. RAILROADS/UNFINISHED is like a movie more than just a music video. Directed by Ryan Snyder, the video takes back in Slavery Times. Eric seemed to have ran away and then later captured by his slaver owner. Definitely portrays scenes inspired by the ROOTS movie classic. The slow-mo shots really capture the raw emotion from Eric. How will Eric’s story escalate? Will he ever be free? Eric released his soul on to the production of RailRoads and Unfinished was produced by Danny Dee. Eric Biddines brought these beats to life.


Dear Friend-
I present to you my new video for “Railroads Down/Unfinished” that I made with director Ryan Snyder here in South Florida. The narrative is told from the perspective of a slave trapped in a time where hope and freedom did not exist. This is the metaphor I use throughout the song and video to show the struggles of my time so far in the music business. I’m truly inspired by anyone with their back against the wall, anyone who has been in a situation where they had to accept the environment they were placed in and not be able to fight their way out. We are all trains with powerful engines on a Journey to our next destination. And it’s up to us to lay the railroads down in a way that would lead us to freedom. -Eric Biddines


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