#SmaktastikReview – MotorCity Kam – July ’91 EP

July91 Cover-MotorCityKam
What’s good Nikkiisiixxers! I’m back this week with a new review just for you. You don’t gatta’ thank me. Just shower me with praise and cover me in exaltation because this project was glorious…why thank you…it was nothing..you’re so kind.
MotorCity Kam, an up and coming rapper from the west-side of Detroit, brings us an EP that’s not only lyrically coherent but amazing musically. You could hear the hard work and dedication through the creativity of each record on this EP. The whole concept of the EP is to give listeners a detailed look into the thoughts of MotorCity Kam as a college student in Detroit. My first impression after hearing the EP was “Wiz whadduuuup??”
I’m guessing Kam hears this alot because he mentions it in the first track of the EP.  “I heard they say I sound like Wiz…”. Hey Kam, you gonna’ hear that alot bruh’ lol. But honestly, that’s only because of the tonality of his voice. His flow and concepts are all unique to his experiences and style-choice. Like “Rainy Day Fund” for example. Not many rappers write about saving the stacks they get. That’s almost like…unheard of.
 MotorCity Kam made this album his own. I have to give credit to the producers on “July ’91” too. Mr. Banxly & John Do the MultiMediA managed to cook up flavors that perfectly compliment Kam’s vision.
There’s never a dull moment on this album. Each song is a banger that could make you bump so hard you’d break a car window. The mixing leaves a bit to be desired but that won’t stop you from enjoying the album.
Check MotorCity Kam out people. Between the excellent production and the performance/delivery Kam provides, you may even wanna’ donate a dollar or two to his cause. You’re welcome!
“I got haters and they hatin’. Got B*tches on my d*ck I be like ‘damn, are we datin’?’ Cuz Back when they was playin’ in high school I was slayin. So if she wanna Goku..nigga..I’m just ‘Saiyan'”
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