#SmaktastikReview: Noearth – Lawst ft. Joe Mas $ Thesis

NikkiSiixxers!! Welcome back!… and to those who never left you know where we keep the donuts, cookies and bomb coffee at these AA meetings for the musically addicted; where we strive to make the anonymous known and addicts more fiendish!

Today we’re about to delve into the deep abyss called alternate hip-hop. That genre that doesn’t need to play by the rules and can run rampant with creativity and personality. Not mainstream or commercial by any means but still pretty amazing to listen to. The key is though…you have to listen. This record Noearth cooked up should be heard…just like all food samples at food courts should be…well..sampled.

Noearth, born Alex Rheault 1987 in Los Angeles and one of the founding members of the Hip-Hop collective “CLDMKRS” dropped an impressive record with this “Lawst” track from his album “Hunter Erf Thomson”. Producer, singer/songwriter, engineer, lyricist, music enthusiast…and  asshole (his words not mine..I had to include the “asshole”  because it was so damn funny).  If you happen to like Del the Funky Homosapien then you’d  probably dig this kid’s music.

All music is subjective. What may be amazing for you may be white noise to your girlfriend and vice-versa. There’s a popular saying in marketing that goes “If you don’t get it…then the message isn’t targeting you”. This is the concept here in Noearth’s “Lawst” record. Having said that, he still wants you to grasp his message. He wants you to get where he came from, what he has done to get here and what his music represents. If you don’t however, Noearth lets us know that there’s no love lost and that he delivered his message the way that he wanted to.

“i dont know if people here cant find me or am i just lost 
if im lost im long gone dont worry bout that cross 
if im wrong im wrong still did it the way i want it 
i dont know if people cant find me maybe i fuckin lost 
maybe i fuckin lost maybe im fuckin lost 
i lost my mind cant nobody find me im fucking lost” 

The Joe Mass and Thesis features were on point as well. They complimented and added contrast to the record (which I believe is what you should strive for in a feature). They added their own individuality and viewpoint through their verses. With respect to everything else, this was pretty much a one man show lol. Mad props to Noearth for producing, mixing and mastering this track. I guess that explains why the instrumental fit so well with the concept. The artist produced and engineered it himself. I guess who else knows your vision better than yourself right?

Nikkisiixxers! Give this record a listen. You may love it…you may hate it…but you should respect the talent here. You’re welcome folks.

Smaktastik Line:

“I don’t know why you can’t find my entity I’m right here. If you deaf I’mma’ make a braille track for you blind ear”

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