#SmaktastikReview: Jayomega – Ready Set Go 3

Yaaaaow! Nikkisiixxers! Pull out your Dre Beats and throw away those Skull Candys for this one! If you don’t have a pair then do the following:

1.  Rob your nearest bank
2. Drive to your nearest Best Buy
3. Buy some Dre’s
4. Come back to this blog..which is..*ahem* THE greatest music blog on the planet
5. Read this review then listen to Jayomega’s “Ready Set Go 3: A Message From Beyond”

6. Pay me 5 dollas’ fo’ bein’ so amazing

To say that this album is good would be an understatement. It has everything you would want in a Rap project. There’s good production, lyrical content, realness and personality in this mixtape. Jayomega, hailing from the Bronx NY dropped his 9th Studio Mixtape in May.  “A Message From Beyond” is part 3 of 3 of his Ready Set Go series and I must say…this one is fire. There’s so many Smaktastik lines in these songs that I’m just gonna randomly drop some throughout this review like right now!

Get Smacked!!

“That’s kinda’ weird to me. Yall hoes aint’ really hearin’ me. My “doe” really “deer” to me just look at all the “bucks” I get”

When I first start listening to projects I try to figure out where the artist is coming from, what kind of artist he/she is, what perspective do they want me to have when listening and what I can expect as I progress through the music. On Track 1 “A Message From Beyond” I figured…”ok..he’s not lyrical but he’s real and draws from personal experiences.” Which is fine. Alot of great artists have that style (i.e. Meek Mill, Nas, Tupac etc.). However, by track 10 I was like “BARS!!…BARS!!…BARS!!”

Get Smacked!!

“I do what the actors don’t do. In other words I get paid to stunt. …sittin on 18s my rims cost what you make a month.”

Jayomega, in this mixtape, has found a way to be both lyrically adept and a great storyteller. By the end of the mixtape I felt like I knew who he was and I still was all over the Internet trying to find more of his work. There’s variety in RSG3 which is great because it kept me listening. Songs like “A Message From Beyond” brought that raw truth, “Child of tomorrow”  gave you them BARS!, and “Instagramming Tweeting” (which is my personal favorite) hit me with that conceptual creativity that I’ve personally never heard done before.

Smack em again Jay!!!

Hashtag yall’ niggas’ too. Yall’ niggas’ food. Yall’ miniscule. Yall’ don’t know what you bout’ to get into. She’ll Mortal Kombat Finish You.

Now on to the production… asdnfoinapwoivhaopihjfioaspjdofiasjfd apshdfausidphfasdfjkfjyut5dyt5 …. because words couldn’t really explain how good the production is on this album. Shoutout to Syer, XCess The Producer, Dom Russo, 808 Moonsquad and Stephen B for piecing together something masterful.

Check this tape out Nikkisiixxers. Download it on Datpiff and then go over to Jayomega’s bandcamp and support this artist by buying a hard copy. You’re welcome folks.

Grand Finale Face-Smack-Em-UP!!

Smaktastik Line:

“Crazy with the lead don’t make me show you what the pencil do. I’d write circles around you till’ the paramedics stencil you”

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