Music Video: Keez x Danny Towers – SELENA

This highly cinematic video comes from the thick of the Florida heat wave via the Swamp Posse. Keez and Danny Towers combine to produce “SELENA”, a drug fueled romp through the ether of the Floridian badlands. It seems that the great Southern boot state has become somewhat of a hotbed for the new breed trill rap movement. This offering is equal parts cinematic wonder and auditory crack; the replay value is through the roof. Director Nasser Boulaich and Cinematographer Michael Garcia teamed up to create the sinister visuals for the malevolent “SELENA”. The video is simple enough in setting and design; where it shines is the editing and attitudes of the artists themselves.

Keez flaunts an impressive command of his flow and a captivating on camera presence. His performance really helped bring out the vision of director Boulaich. Danny Towers holds down the other half with a brutal flurry of violent rhymes. Both rappers compliment the entire project and add an air of ‘FUCK IT’ to the already dark video. Swamp Posse is bringing something fresh to an inundated rap movement; if you don’t know now you know.

LINKS: swampposse.comYouTube@OfficialKeezXXX@DannyTowerss