#MIDWESTBEST Angel Davanport “B$DN”

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CHITOWN STAND UP!!! It’s your girl MidWest Melly and I’m blessin’ ya with yet another BEST from my favorite city in the MIDWEST! Angel Davanport is a Singer, Rapper, Songwriter, Poet and Model. YES. Ms. Davanport is a hustla’ homie. What I appreciate about Angel Davanport is her lyrical finesse. Her style is classically Chicago. She is unique in her own right but does remind me of (another one of my favorite Chicago female emcees) Kid Sister mixed with a little bit of Nitty Scott (also a “femcee” favorite). You can’t deny that Angel has sex appeal and a malice with the microphone which is a deadly combination!

“Apple of they eye. Here we go again. Ain’t nobody’s wife. Still got all these plans. They just say I’m trifling. Blame the way I am. Well that’s bullshit, money, drugs, niggas.” – Angel Davanport “B$DN”

Angel Davanport has only been in the rap game for a few years now but she has already made a name for herself in the industry. 2013 was a damn good year for this artist. She released smooth, “feel good” singles like “Outsiders” produced by Doc Da MindaBenda and tough-n-sexy joints like “Fameus” produced by Ray White. She had the support and attention of Strange Music and was featured alongside Game on Tech N9ne’s “Priorities” off of his album “Something Else”.

What’s new with Angel? I’m personally looking forward to this Nuu.Dee project and I’m also curious what Angel Davanport and her #RapperChicks clique have in store for this year. On Angel’s latest single, “B$DN”, produced by Professor Fox, Angel breaks down the meaning behind the acronym and title “B$DN”. I love a female artist that isn’t afraid to speak her mind, and Angel is no exception. This isn’t a sugar coated pop song about rainbows-and-unicorns-and-puppies-and-pixie-dust-and-shit. NAH. This is a real woman’s expression. It’s a lil’ poetry, a lil’ singing and a lot of rappin’. Can you handle that? Then press PLAY.

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