#MIDWESTBEST Interviews: “Timing Is Everything” with Kid Vishis

kid vishisDetroit artist and younger brother of Royce da 5’9″, Kid Vishis, has a lot to prove in the rap game. Good thing it’s a challenge he is more than willing to accept. He not only has real talent on his side, but he also has his brother’s full support. He was a guest appearance on Royce’s M.I.C. mixtape, the “Bar Exam” mixtapes,“Street Hop” and “Success is Certain”.   Vishis doesn’t plan on gaining success through his family ties alone.  This artist knows the value of hard work, consistency and timing. He released the first of his own “Sick Em” mixtape series, “Vishis Is Me”, in 2007. He joined the D12 tour in the Spring of 2009, released a second mixtape “Sick Em Vol 2 – Bar 4 Bar” in 2011, which was then followed by the 2013 mixtape “Vol 3 – I’m Alive”.

On July 22nd, Kid Vishis drops his first album, “Timing is Everything”, under Label: Seven 13 Entertainment. Although bigger brother, Royce da 5’9″, is featured on the song “Coward”, the rest of this album is ALL VISHIS… and it’s ALL GOOD too. Kid Vishis has selected producers that have a history of working with hip hop royalty such as Mr Porter of D12 / Shady, Chase Moore of Hippie Sabotage who has produced for Raekwon, Rock (Heltah Skeltah), Mistah FAB and Papoose, Nemisis (Tony Touch, Copywrite, Outerspace, Emilio Rojas) and Nick Zervos. Track for track, Kid Vishis, proves to be a competitor that is ready to claim his own championship belt.

I had the opportunity of linking up with Kid Vishis to discuss his new album, important lessons he has learned from Royce about the music industry, as well as what is next for this up and coming heavy weight in the hip hop game.

How has living in the Midwest, specifically Detroit, shaped your taste in music or contributed to your sound?

Detroit is really a pretty diverse city musically. I think the city has built me into a more diverse artist. Detroit keeps my hunger up because everybody is in competition for the money so I have to make sure I work hard so I can get my slice of the pie. That mentality came from Detroit. I have a little bit of all the O.G.’s styles mixed in with my own style so I definitely give that hardcore, hungry Detroit feel with my own lyrical twist.

Your new album is titled “Timing is Everything”. What does this title symbolize or represent to you?

The time is now for me to come like a thief in the night and kick ass and take names. July 22 is just a release date (for the album) but this is my year and that’s how it’s gonna be from now on. I’ve worked very hard on my craft and it’s time for the world to know it. Timing and patience is a virtue to me.  I feel like with the time I’ve put into my craft and the patience I’ve displayed through the years, it has worked itself into a great storyline for me to put out through records. It’s time for hip hop to hear it.

On Track 5, “Big Brothers”, you speak about your personal story in regards to blood being thicker than water. On track 11 “Coward”, your brother Royce da 5’9″ is featured. What are some of the most important lessons you’ve learned from Royce da 5’9″ about friends, family and the music industry?

Well, all I have are my brothers as far as friends go. Guys in the industry are associates that know Kid Vishis and will never know Marcus Montgomery and I’m perfectly fine with that. I keep a very close circle of people around me that I trust and that believe in me as a person and as an artist. Royce just tells me to carry myself as a man of respect and a gentleman; and try not to compromise that as much as possible. Stay on top of your own business!

You lyrically have “The Juice” on Track 7 produced by Mr Porter of D12, who has also done some amazing work with Slaughterhouse. Tell us about the process and importance behind the selection of producers for this album.

I had to go with the guys who I have history with and who I knew I could depend on for dope beats for my album. I have eleven songs on the album and used 4 producers: Mr Porter, Chase Moore, Nemisis, and Nick Zervos.  We already had a chemistry going in to the album making process. Chase Moore blacked out and sent me just heat rock after heat rock so he ended up on most of the album. Nemisis sent a batch with some undeniable bangers and Nick Zervos sent a batch with that intro record (T.I.E.) in it… and I had to kill it! Mr Porter dropped two bombs on me and I went crazy on my notebook (laughs)!

What’s next for Kid Vishis?

I have some tours in the works right now in the UK, Europe and Canada. I hope they work out because I want the world to see me live. Also be on the lookout for another full length album this year with Seven13 Music and SickEM Entertainment. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram @KidVishis for further updates on all Kid Vishis related endeavors! Thank you guys for having me.

“Timing Is Everything” will be available worldwide on digital & physical CD formats.  Autographed copies can be ordered from the label at www.seven13ent.com .
TWITTER: @KidVishis & @Seven13Music