MUSIC VIDEO: Broadway Barrett – In My Blood

This video was sent from NikkiSiixx favorite AWKWORD, and as one would expect from such a heady artist, it does not disappoint. Broadway Barrett has a strictly New York aura and a roughneck style that comes through in spades. The old Neil Young sample sets the tone of a man pursuing his passion. You get the feel that hip hop is this dude’s anchor, his outlet, his sunrise. There is something to be said for the die hard’s, the lifers that are in the game for the passion, for the art, not the likes or props that come with the stigma of being a rapper. Sometimes it really is in your blood. Barrett is technically sound with his flow and he seems to string words and metaphors together with ease. If “In My Blood” is the initial offering from Without Further Adieu, then you should be eager to see what the entire project brings to the table.