There’s LEVELS to This: 15 Philadelphia Rappers Likely to Blow Up

15 Philly RappersOkay, so obviously the title of this article is a hint at Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill’s “Levels” record. Why? Multiple reasons. The first is that I have spoken to plenty of Philly artists that say something along the lines of “if you’re a rapper in Philly, you either sound like Meek Mill, or you sound completely different.” I recently heard a white rapper from Philly spit on stage, “so the black rappers sound like Meek, and the whites sound like Mac (Mac Miller)?”

Despite the constant debate of who sounds like who, I wholeheartedly believe Philadelphia has and will always be a unique space for music. Black Thought, Eve, Fresh PrinceState Property (Beanie Sigel Freeway, Peedi Peedi, Oschino, and Omillio Sparks and the Young Gunz), and Cassidy are some of many artists to pave the way for acts that are coming up from the 215 today. Now, this article was originally going to be a list of 10 artists, but while doing research and speaking with my peers in the Philadelphia scene, it became difficult to only have 10 artists. In my opinion, a majority of Philadelphia rappers can blow up, or have the potential to. One challenge I faced when creating this list was the fact that there are a lot of rappers that have reached great heights, but aren’t necessarily HUGE. For example: having a blue check next to your Twitter name doesn’t mean you’ve blown up…it just means you’re verified on Twitter. That leads me to this disclaimer: This is NOT a list of the most talented, or BEST in Philly, but merely a list of unique artists that are either making noise, deserve to be heard, and/or at that awkward stage where a shit ton of people know who they are… but they really aren’t mainstream yet – another reason why there’s levels to the Philly music scene. When constructing this list I had assistance from Chanaiah and Tiffany. Thank you. #FreeMeekMill

ZAH GARNER (Twitter | Soundcloud)

CHYNNA ROGERS (Twitter | Soundcloud

KUR (Twitter | Soundcloud

KEY (Twitter | Soundcloud)

MAJOR VAN WINKLE (Twitter | Soundcloud)

THEODORE GRAMS (Twitter | Soundcloud

TIERRA WHACK (Twitter | Soundcloud)
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88 (Twitter | Soundcloud

TAYYIB ALI (Twitter | Soundcloud)

DEEK (Twitter | Soundcloud)
Screen Shot 2014-08-03 at 2.38.46 PM

LIL BENJI (Twitter | Soundcloud)
Screen Shot 2014-08-03 at 2.51.30 PM

SINCERELYTAHJ (Twitter | Soundcloud
Screen Shot 2014-08-03 at 2.45.39 PM

GROUND UP (Twitter | Soundcloud

REESE REL (Twitter | Soundcloud)

SWIPER (Twitter | Soundcloud)