Music Video: Educated Hustlers – GIN TONIC & CHRONIC featuring Art Morera

Gin Tonic Chronic Cover PhotoCheck out the latest visual from hip-hop duo EDUCATED HUSTLERS (@JWriteEH & @GeechieGomez3) with GIN TONIC & CHRONIC featuring Miami’s own Art Morera. Fourth single off of their upcoming project Southern Fried. The mixtape features work with southern greats such as Pastor Troy “Dirty Funk”, Sean Paul and BoHagon. The guys take us to a house party that I wish I was there RIGHT NOW kinda moments. You gotta watch the video couple of times to really capture everyone’s candid moments at this party. Too EPIC! The hook is insane! Ridiculously Catchy.. I’ll LIKE.. I’M ON THAT GIN TONIC & CHRONIC, GIN TONIC & CHRONIC. REPEAT TIMES A MILLION. This single is great party music, you can either drink, smoke, or do both to it! Educated Hustlers collaborated with Art Morera, and they definitely generated a unique sound. Don’t forget to follow Educated Hustlers & Art Morera. To get updated on that new.