New Music: John Doe Featuring Redd – “Favorite Song”


19-year-old Florida rapper John Doe recently dropped some new heat, that just might become your favorite song. The cut, entitled “Favorite Song” has that down south bounce that will have listeners imagining John Doe swangin’ in a classic whip with his friends. John says the track is something fun he decided to throw out to see who is checking for his music. Well, I’m definitely excited for more music from this kid, especially if “Favorite Song” is a sample of what’s to come. John’s upbeat tone compliments the Redd production perfectly as he spits some care-free lyrics that essentially tell us to love this track as much as he does. Redd also contributes some vocals to record on the hook, singing “This right here your favorite song/Sum for you sing along.” The track ends with a much appropriate trippy, chopped and screwed John Doe; a final blow of extra southern flavor. Stream “Favorite Song” above!


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