Music Video: Yuh Boy 85 – IDGAF

yuhboy85 photo 2Yuh Boy 85 just released his latest music video for his track I DONT GIVE A FUCK (IDGAF). You can find this track on his Overdoes mixtape that recently released this year. Yuh Boy 85 expresses he doesn’t care and will not be inspired by negative vibes that happen to encounter in your day to day life. In the visual you see Yuh Boy 85 with his girl at a small shop. You can tell 85 is holding his composure while his female companion is going off on him. During the whole trip to her house she doesn’t stop. Yuh Boy 85 is really feeling her that much to care and decides to call it quits. I feel like anyone can relate to this track, especially when they just want to be able to do what they want to do. LINKS: TWITTERFACEBOOKINSTAGRAM

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