TV: FLASH Back Tuesdays – Episode One (Pilot)

I’m bringing a new review series called FLASH Back Tuesdays. This will be a weekly review series based off already released episodes of CW’s new hit television series called The Flash. If you haven’t watched the series I recommend you do so now, before I go all in twenty-three episodes. Season Two is set to premiere on Tuesday October 6th.


In the beginning of the Pilot you catch Barry Allen (Grant Gust) expressing how you need to believe in the unbelievable. He explains his story when he was a child. Then one night the impossible happened, his mother was murder by someone he saw in a room full of lightning. The adult Barry works as a Crime Scene Investigator, he is so smart when it comes to analyzing a situation. At the crime scene he’s able to detect what kind of tires made the tracks and found out there was poop to locate which farm the robbers came from.

Barry is best friends with Iris, Iris is also Joe’s daughter. You can tell his immediately in the friend zone. Iris was able to get Barry off early to be able to see the start of the particle accelerator from S.T.A.R. Labs. Walking to the presentation Barry starts talking about relationships and how both are not in one. Then Iris is like I see you as a brother and it can get weird. Before it started Iris gets her bag stolen that Barry tried to catch, but couldn’t. Then mugger was stopped by pretty boy detective Eddie Thawne. Joe and his partner went to the farm where Barry expected the crooks to be. Joe’s partner was shot and the robberies tried to get away on a private plane, where it was destroyed by the explosion coming from S.T.A.R. Labs.

During that same explosion Barry was hit by lightning. Barry is rushed to the hospital and no one is able to understand what’s happening with him. He is awaken by Dr. Caitlin Snow and Cisco Ramon who works for Dr. Harrison Wells. He then discovers he’s been in a coma for nine months. Dr. Wells explains what happened with the particle accelerator. Barry will go into cardiac arrest and then the hospital will go through power outages. In reality his heart was going so fast that the hospital wouldn’t be able to pick it up.

The-Flash-Episode-1-01-Pilot-Promo-Pics-the-flash-cw-37530470-396-595Discovering his new power of going so fast he see things go into slow motion. Also, the ability to really run fast and heal rapidly. During this the bank gets robbed by someone who has the power to control the weather. As you can see there were other “meta-humans” created from the explosion. Also, Catlin’s Fiancé was killed during the incident. Barry and the team of S.T.A.R. Labs are helping with testing and trying to figure out Barry’s new power. With discovering the possibilities of the potential of his power, Barry vows to find out who killed his mother when he was a child, believing him to be another meta-human who has similar abilities of speed as he.

During the nine months when Barry was in his comma, Iris develops a relationship with Eddie, her father’s partner. Barry is a bit surprised finding this out when talking about with Iris. Barry comes across the Meta-human that can control the weather, it’s Clyde Martin the guy who shot Joe’s partner. Barry wants to stop this guy before he hurts anyone else. Cisco gives Barry a very special suit that allows Barry to go super speed without damaging his outfit.

Barry needed a bit of advice from a good friend, 600 Miles away from Starlight city he talks with The Arrow. The Arrow inspires Barry letting him know he thinks the lightning bolt chose Barry to be a hero. Be better than a vigilante. Watching his city like a guardian angel, saving people in a flash. So the Arrow in a way kinda gave him his name.

Joe believes that Martin can possibly be in the same barn, so he takes his new partner Eddie to take a look. Surprisingly Martin is there. He demonstrates his extreme powers by creating a tornado. Joe almost gets hit by a flying car door, then Barry comes and blocks it. Barry needs to unravel the tornado but running about 700MPH the opposite direction. Dr. Wells gets on the mic and share words of inspiration to get Barry to run faster. Barry RUN! Barry was able to stop the tornado and Joe stops him before he hurt The Flash.

Joe discovers The Flash’s true identity. And apologizes for not believing him especially when the night his mother was murdered and his father was framed for it. Barry will do his best not to let Iris in on his big secret. It’s pretty dope the actor who plays Barry’s father John Wesley Shipp, is the same guy who played the original Flash back in the 90’s. That’s fucking awesome. Love the chat between Barry and his father. At the end of the episode you discover a secret room at S.T.A.R Labs. Wells reveals he is not paraplegic, while reading a newspaper from the future concerning Barry’s fate as the Flash.

Catch next week for another Flash Back Tuesday. Where I discuss Episode Two “Fastest Man Alive” and Episode Three “Things You Can’t Outrun”. If interested in catching up on the series you can currently watch episodes on Hulu Premium Membership. Season 2 premieres October 6th on CW!


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