Audio: OZER – The Process featuring JayBoe

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 4.59.55 PM[SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA] Inspired by the age of ten, Ozer knew he will become an inspiring artist. Ozer released his single THE PROCESS, featuring Jayboe. Ozer and Jayboe are a hip-hop duo called Fog City Nomads. When growing up, Ozer lived between Sunnydale and Hunter’s Point. Realizing the life within these two areas, brought up an elective collection music from Ozer while shedding light on what’s really going on in the world. Great thing Ozer has been able to be consistent with his craft by performing around his city and making new music. Slowly but surely Ozer is working to make his name a household name. Its like wine, it gets better within time. I really like the beat for THE PROCESS, produced by Jayboe. I just have to bob my head back and forth to it. Don’t forget to press play and be on the look out for more music by Ozer. [LINKS] TWITTER || SOUNDCLOUD || YOUTUBE || INSTAGRAM ||

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