TV: Gotham Rundown – Episodes Eight (The Mask) and Nine (Harvey Dent)

Welcome back to another Gotham Rundown! This week I’m going to be discussing on Episodes Eight and Nine. Last week I went in on episodes six and seven, where we left off with Penguin having huge leverage against Fish with his close relationship with Falcone, how more vigilantes are forming killing lives over their passed emotions, and what do to with Barbara. Here’s what happened on episodes Eight and Nine:


Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 2.56.06 PMWe start off with two men who are fighting to the death in an office setting. One man uses a cutting board blade to murder his opponent. Feeling success puts his fists in the air, where a man is watching it on a tv. Gordon and Bullock are called on the scene where theres a body found with ink and a slash would to the neck. Enigma is also looking for clues from the victim. He discovers there’s a finger in the victims mouth that needs finger prints too. Penguin goes to visit Fish Mooney and grants her a gift. But Fish Mooney still has her grudge against the Penguin and stabs him in his hand with the very gift he bestowed upon her. Alfred brings Bruce back to school, Bruce is hesitate. Gordon speaks with the victims mother and discovers he was looking for a job in the finance business. Penguin visits his mother and with her story he gets inspired that everyone has their secrets. Jim and Harvey go to the black market to speak to the doc about a thumbless person seeking help. Barbara is terrified when she’s alone, she feels there going to get her again. Like if they’re stalking him. Also, she had too much to drink. Enigma is working on the autopsy, but the medical examiner discovered him and told him to get outta there, he’s not the medical examiner.

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 2.56.43 PMBruce is bothered by bullies at school, they bring up his dead parents. Fish Mooney and Lyza meet in a confessional booth at a church to have a meeting. Mooney wants some information that only Liza can get her fingers on. Gordon and Bullock make it to the finance firm where they believe the victim was trying to get a job there. They meet Richard the owner in which he seems extremely guilty since his employees are all injured and he has a lot of war artifacts. They were able to find the guy with the right hand injury. Bruce was in an altercation at school where the bully was taunting him about his dead parents. The thumbless suspect confesses to the whole underground fight scene but Richards lawyer got to him before he can sign a confession. Gordon finds the location of where these fights are being done. Gordon gets tased unconscious by Richard. Alfred takes Bruce to his bullies house. To confront him about what happened earlier. Bruce gives him exactly what he deserves. Gordon is in trouble and Bullock needs help from the other cops to search locations. Gordon was able to defeat the 3 fighters and now goes against Richard with a sword. Gordon defeats him and got some back up from his officers. Liza was able to obtain the information Mooney needed. Penguin ends up discovering from one of Fish’s men that she has someone close to Falcon. Barbara feels extremely alone and decided to leave Jim. Gordon gets a surprise visit from Selina Kyle, she was caught in another breaking an entering and stealing expensive clothing. Bruce also requested for Alfred to teach him how to fight, Alfred agrees.


Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 3.04.49 PMJim arrives in Barbara’s house with Selina. He discovers she left to get herself together. Gordon gets Selina to describe to a sketch artist of the person she saw kill the Wayne’s. She is also going to be staying with Bruce until they find the killer. Selina and Bruce finally meet officially for the first time. Currently a prisoned bomber is being relocated and gets taken. Montoya takes Gordon to meet Harvey Dent, supposedly the most truthful lawyer in Gotham. Dent wants to use Selina Kyle to get close to another corporate billionaire that might be connected to the killing. Penguin is onto Liza, being partnered with Mooney. Gordon is now questioning the bombers brother regarding his missing brother. He has no idea where his brother can be. The bomber created a bomb through a gift basket. He delivered it to the security guards at their post and the basket explodes killing 5 of them.

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 3.05.29 PMPenguin confirms what he believed, he visited Fish Mooney to confirm the smell of perfume he picked up from Liza’s scarf. I feel Nygma is a huge help when he finds really hidden clues. They were able to find a plate with a location, the bomber placed that plate in the basket. Hoping they will find him because the Russians are using him to make a really big bomb for a vault. They couldn’t save him in time, the Russians got him back. Dent has his meeting with Dick Lovecraft, to convince him he has ties to scare him into his confession. Dick denies his involvement and laughs in Dent’s face. Dent loses his composer and starts yelling at Dick. Selina Kyle breaks in to Bruce that he doesn’t have a mean bone in his body and he wouldn’t survive in Gotham. The bomber is being used to get Falcone’s money. He was able to break through the vault. But in the truck they was a bomb that went off due to an incoming caller. The truck blows up with a bunch of Falcone’s money. Selina and Kyle are getting along and are having fun being kids. Penguin surprised Liza at her house to let her know he knows but if she tells anyone he knows he’ll have her killed. Fish was behind the whole thing. The criminally insane are being deported to Arkham Asylum. Jim keeps leaving messages for Barbara, we see her lying in bed by the fire, and surprisingly she was Montoya again.

This concludes my recap on episode eight and nine of Gotham! Don’t forget on Hulu with a plus membership, you’ll be able to catch up on all episodes of Gotham. I highly recommend you do so. 49 days left to Gotham’s return for Season Two this Fall September 21st on FOX! Next Monday, I’ll be reviewing Episodes Ten “Love Craft” and Eleven “Rogues Gallery”.

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