TV: FLASH Back Tuesdays – Episode Eight (Flash VS Arrow) Arrow Episode Eight (The Brave and the Bold)

I’m back with FLASH Back Tuesdays. Every week I’ll review episodes off CW’s new hit television series called The Flash. This time I’ll be discussing Episode Eight “FLASH VS ARROW” and Episode Eight of Arrow “The Brave and the Bold” which is the crossover episodes between Flash and Arrow. This is such an amazing experience, seeing how both shows show the other character in their world.


Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 1.32.50 PMLove how Barry helps around Central City. He was like bringing everyone together. We see a bank robbery by a meta-human who just looks at people their eyes turn red and everyone seemed to get angry and upset. Eddie and Iris are in bed and he needs to leave for work, but Iris gets an update on a new sighting on the Flash. He tells her he can only believe in what he sees and touches. Eddie is trying to bring a unit together to stop the Flash. But Iris gets upset that he would go against her beliefs. Iris tells Barry that Eddie is jealous. Barry is at S.T.A.R. Labs to get more information on whats happening to the people who were at the bank. They found a lead on where the meta-human has taken the money. The police department has traced it as well and when confronting the meta-human one of the officers gets hypnotize and attacks his fellow officers. Luckily, in the heat of the moment The Flash makes it in time to stop them from getting shot. Once of the ground, the officer was still going to shoot. Then all of a sudden arrow take the officer down, And Arrow makes his grand entrance. Felicity, Diggle, and Oliver are in Central City looking for help regarding a case they’re trying to find a murderer with a boomerang. Barry wants to team up with their team to help out with both their cases. Barry gives Felicity a run to S.T.A.R. Labs and her shirt catches on fire. Cisco is working on finding out why the boomerang vibrates. Harrison Wells and Joe are lecturing Barry on how he shouldn’t work with Arrow because how violent he is when fighting crime. All of a sudden the boomerang went off and cases Caitlin. Joe really wants Arrow to get out of Central City. Arrow is on the search for who was the person who was renting the unit, he discovered the name of the meta-human. Iris is star-stuck when she sees Oliver at Jitters. Felicity really wants Oliver to help Barry with his case.

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 1.35.54 PMBarry meets Oliver at a warehouse to train. Oliver feels Barry runs blind, that he needs to open his mind to new scenarios. Barry laughs at Oliver thinking there’s no way he’s going to get hit by an arrow. And here’s a sneak attack from 2 arrows to Barry’s back. Joe is upset that the way Arrow gets the name of the meta-human but with torture. Wells talks to Felicity and tries to get her to tell him who Arrow is. Barry is a bit uptight about asking for help from the Arrow. He goes alone into finding who the meta-human is. Barry attacks the meta-human and he doesn’t feel different. But you can tell he has a bit of an attitude. Barry tells Oliver that he is jealous of him because he will never be as fast as him. He even gets at with Joe, and his eyes lit up in red. He saw Iris and Eddie walk away together and walks right after them. Joe makes it to S.T.A.R. Labs and lets them know Barry is affected. Wells tells Felicity hey you should call Oliver Queen, to help Barry. Iris tells Eddie she’s seen him before. All of a sudden Eddie is taking out of the moving car and Barry attacks him. Arrow comes and gets him away from them. Now comes the epic battle between Arrow and The Flash. The flash get shot with an arrow with tranquilizer and Barry just runs in place and sweats it out. This is pretty EPIC! Love this fight. Joe and Wells gets their in time to give Barry a light show, in which he was able to get back to normal. It’s funny how team Arrow and team Flash debate on who will win between the two. They finally got there meta-human. Felicity asks Caitlin if she can do some testing on some DNA on the murderer of Canary. Oliver feels that Harrison Wells is weird. Eddie gets approval on the task force. Oliver gets an unexpected surprise from a woman at Jitters. Luckily I know who it is, because in Arrow Season Two we discovered Oliver got another girl pregnant when he was dating Laurel before he got lost at sea. Oliver’s Mom paid her 2 million dollars for her to get away from Oliver and his family. And also to not let anyone know who is the father of her the baby. INTENSE! When I first watched the episode before getting into Arrow I was a bit lost of who she was. But thanks to countless marathons of Arrow. I’m up to date. Flash makes a visit to see Iris to let her know it wasn’t him that night. But she tells him that she doesn’t want him to contact her again. Caitlin is looking at a picture of her fiancé who died in the particular explosion, and then we see someone in the street who is able to engulf himself in flames without burning himself. Ronnie is still alive?


Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 4.20.06 PM 1In the beginning of the episode you see Arrow, his team looking for a home where the murderer resides. They find the house is boobytrapped and ARGUS is looking for the same perpetrator. We get a flashback to Arrow when he got picked up by ARGUS after the island. She wants Oliver to torture a man who hide a bomb. Will he be able to do it? Felicity gets a surprise visit from Cisco and Caitlin. Cisco insisted on going to the Arrow cave. Cisco was fascinated with all Oliver’s arrows and his outfit. Diggle went to Lyla to let her know they can help with this boomerang kiiler who used to work for ARGUS. The killer is at ARGUS and Oliver and Roy are getting ready to head out. Caitlin makes a funny comment saying by the time they get there everything will be over. Lyla and Diggle were caught off guard and close call against the Harpnes. Arrow and Roy come in and engage in combat but this killer seems to be extremely trained and dangerous. Arrow almost gets killed by two boomerangs and The Flash grabs the boomerangs. The killer saw his super speed and vanishes. Felicity, Caitlin, and Cisco watch Barry do the arm exercises that Arrow does to warm up. Barry gets hungry and leaves. Diggle, Oliver, and Lyla make it back to the Arrow Cave. And suddenly Barry makes it back with sushi. Surprising Lyla, because she had no idea Barry is the Flash. He needs to be a bit more careful with covering up his identity. Oliver is a bit harsh on Barry because he needs to do it his way. Barry was able to put the blown up boomerang pieces back together. To get more leads regarding the person who created the boomerangs, they go visit Laurel’s dad at the police department since he was the one who arrested him before.

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 4.22.23 PM 1They need to go to the Russian Mafia to get more information. Barry was able to apprehend all the mafia members and Arrow intends to torture the people to get what he wants out of them. Barry doesn’t agree with his tactics. They end up getting a phone from the guy in question. They locate where the phone is connected, they’re on the way to find him. They find out it was a hoax and the killer is at the arrow cave attacking Lyla. Felicity was able to get one of Arrows bombs, but Lyla was hit by one of the boomerangs. Barry gets Lyla to the hospital. Oliver is really beating himself about what happened to Lyla. He feels for him torturing the guy who gave the phone it would have never done that if he didn’t torture him. Barry is giving him amazing advice about being a better person and having a light for positive. Harpnes is at the train station where The Flash and Arrow confront him. Harpnes planted five bombs around the city. The Flash makes it to one and he needs assistance, all bombs need to be turned off all at the same time in order to affectedly stop them. He grabs Felicity, Caitlin, Cisco, and Roy, to help turn them off by clicking the wire at the same time. Successful. Oliver doesn’t kill Harpnes. Diggle is at the hospital with Lyla, when she awakens he asks her to marry him. She says yes. Oliver set up an outfit case for Barry, what a great way to make him feel apart of the team. Cisco also sets up Arrow with a new hood. Caitlin and Cisco are on their way to central city. While Flash and Arrow get to another battle. Who will win?

Catch next week for another Flash Back Tuesday. Where I discuss Episodes NINE “THE MAN IN THE YELLOW SUIT” and Episode TEN “REVENGE OF THE ROGUES”. If interested in catching up on the series you can currently watch episodes on Hulu Premium Membership. Season 2 premieres October 6th on CW! 56 Days left!


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