Project Preview: Lyric Le’Velle – Black-EP


[Fort Worth, Texas]

Lyric Le’Velle is an artist stuck with the tough task of putting on for a city not known for its hip hop output. By way of Fort Worth, he’s come to introduce us to a new sound on his Black-EP. The project is set to drop on September 1st so, in preparation, his single Proud has been getting some plays in order to see what kind of experience we’re going to have when the EP is finally out.

After a brief intro where producer mjNichols heavy bass gets your head pre-emptively nodding, Lyric comes in rapping and his distinctive drawl is immediately apparent. This isn’t your quintessential Texas hip hop, so don’t start listening to this track hoping for the typical screwed up sound one might associate with rappers from the Lone-Star State. Lyric Le’Velle has a story to tell and on Proud it’s pretty hard not to hang on each word.

He’s got an east-coast flow delivered in a distinctly southern way. His precise words are made melodious by his drawl. While his writing is structured in order to get his lyrics across effectively, his unique voice makes it seem more soulful. This added soul makes it easy to pay attention to his lyrics and try to get to know the guy. If Proud is an early litmus test for what the Black-EP is going to sound like, then it’s definitely something to look forward to. Look for it 09.1.15.


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